The Jet Camino's Roll Cage is INCREDIBLE... First Cleeter Test Fit!

  • Published on:  1/10/2019
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  • C Furb 5 months ago

    Should make the jet engine look like a Mountain Dew can

  • David Yetsko 5 months ago

    100% YES

  • JayrseyshoreGardner 5 months ago


  • the upscriber 5 months ago

    Man that turbine would look good painted as a can of Mountain Dew.

  • M M 5 months ago

    That's a great idea

  • DoggoZA 5 months ago

    How did you go from putting fake turbo whistles in your C7 to putting a REAL jet engine in a car 😂😂😂

  • Clutch Riderz 5 months ago

    And balls

  • Clutch Riderz 5 months ago


  • alanjrkaminski 5 months ago

    "It's basically a Prius". A real man's hybrid is what it is

  • TurkeyBoy55 5 months ago

    Combining a gas engine with an electric engine? What is this, 2017? Nah! Combining gas engines with jet engines is the REAL way to do it.

  • Matt Hill 5 months ago

    From stuffing fake turbo whistles into your c7 exhaust, to this 🤣

  • Topshelf !!! 5 months ago

    Lui BRUH me to

  • JaaayUpNext 5 months ago

    Don’t forget letting your grandma drive your c7 😂 that’s what got me watching cleetus lol

  • I subbed to this channel when you guys were playing with duck calls and turbo whistles. I "joined" this channel the day you came out with it. I own a couple shirts that Holley shipped. I watch almost every video the day it uploads. If you keep this up I will have to fly from Seattle to see this beauty at a Cleetus and Cars. Keep it up.

  • Simply the best 5 months ago

    I will pray for you in Seattle please pray for me in Los Angeles

  • Kelton Derkach 5 months ago

    I’ll just be honest but I didn’t think this car was going to be this legit from when the idea came up. INSANE SO HYPED

  • Jonah Oliver 5 months ago

    😎 *I МÀSТURВÀТ!Е Т0 VIDЕ0S !0N !МY СHА!NNЕL! L!00K!* 👙

  • SullyThePankake 5 months ago

    Will MTN DEW sponsor the car?

  • Hans Möller 5 months ago

    6:30 Look at his cap 😂 i❤️Cooper 😂😂

  • Kyle Letcher 5 months ago

    I didn't notice, I had to go back and check it. That's awesome the blue tape and sharpie kills me!

  • Cleetus McFarland 5 months ago

    Grab yourselves a Freedom we’re going Bardle Skeetering

  • The Game Sheep 5 months ago

    Do it for Dale!

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