NBA Daily Show: Jan. 11 - The Starters

  • Published on:  1/11/2019
  • On Friday's episode of the show, the guys discuss whether Thunder-Spurs was game of the season, if the NBA Trade Deadline will be a dud, and whether Nikola Jokic's fullcourt heave was his best pass of the season. They also pick the Worst of the Week winner from four nominees (teams bickering in public, Enes Kanter's 'Cheat day', Atlanta Hawks, a fan on the court) and they drop the Top 10 Plays from the past seven days. Watch The Starters daily at 6:00ET throughout the season or get more of them on their website:


  • David Finley
    David Finley 6 days ago

    Starters, why do you put that guy's mug & name on T.V.? That is why these idiots do this kind of stuff! You can make him Worst of the Week, but blur out his face and don't say his name!

  • Skip Player
    Skip Player 7 days ago

    Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

  • Logo Princeps
    Logo Princeps 7 days ago

    Jokic Azavedo for the All star game.

  • Cameron Donk
    Cameron Donk 7 days ago

    It's kind of true that Kennard gets not a lot of playing time

  • Eric Gonzalez
    Eric Gonzalez 8 days ago

    Shitty ass reporting.

  • Studyo Gangsta
    Studyo Gangsta 8 days ago

    OMG!!! Former Warriors MVP Chelsea Lane....she got paid and is livin' it up in the ATL!!! She looks so fucking depressed!!!

  • Matthew Longo
    Matthew Longo 8 days ago

    Wish the worst refs in sports would stop rewarding flops.

  • Tushar Mane
    Tushar Mane 8 days ago

    Sacramento Commentator at 15:15 - 'If you just saw that, then you're not watching NBA BASKETBALL'

  • سيد Didi
    سيد Didi 8 days ago

    more like "very un-solid defence"

  • Yumi Tokushige
    Yumi Tokushige 8 days ago

    The sloppy hawks should’ve done with a 3 pointer.

  • b3rni3mac2
    b3rni3mac2 8 days ago

    Dont do that, but if you do run in, make sure it's in a city you dont live in lol.

  • Mister Mayhem
    Mister Mayhem 8 days ago+1

    This is the Jamal Murray episode. He all over this.

  • Alex McKay
    Alex McKay 9 days ago

    American Airlines Center is in Dallas not Miami

  • Julia Van Spronsen
    Julia Van Spronsen 9 days ago+2

    That LeBron flop had the whole country HEATED

  • John Ray Tiangco
    John Ray Tiangco 9 days ago

    Best flop? Not on NBA, try to search Mick Pennisi of PBA haha

  • ThePuntingGOD
    ThePuntingGOD 9 days ago

    Your intro is awkward as fuck. And the "ay-yo" is the whitest thing i have ever seen. Change the name of this show too the virgins

  • The Real D
    The Real D 9 days ago

    favorite flop: Mick Pennisi

  • Nico Sentfield
    Nico Sentfield 9 days ago

    No time plug huh

  • stonedbori840
    stonedbori840 9 days ago

    Kat is still sofT. AD w/ double block FTW

  • liamdor
    liamdor 9 days ago

    Celtics should go for vucevic