Chain Restaurant Chicken Wings Ranked From Worst To First

  • Published on:  9/14/2019
  • At eateries all across the country, you can find chicken wings ranging from totally inedible to downright delectable. We've compiled a list of some of the most popular spots to get chicken wings in U.S., and ranked them from worst to best.

    Little Caesars serves up cardboard pizza that's barely edible, so it's no surprise the wings are no better. Like their pizza, you can find the wings at Little Caesars "Hot-N-Ready." They sit in a little plastic container with a clear lid in the heating case festering in their own juices until you order them, so as an added bonus, you get a strong plastic flavoring with every order. To say that these wings are dry is a serious understatement. When the skin pops open, the meat has all but disappeared.

    On top of their tendency to really, really oversauce their wings, the taste of Domino's BBQ sauce is very generic. The flavor isn't horrible, it just has no depth or smokiness at all. Also, the skin on these wings is too chewy and fatty.

    To make matters worse, once you've gnawed your way beyond the greasy, gummy skin, the payoff is underwhelming, as the wings themselves don't have much meat. If you want to order something on the side of your pizza at Domino's, pass on the wings and just order a second pizza.

    Watch the video to learn see your favorite chain restaurant chicken wings ranked from worst to first!


    Little Caesars Wings | 0:12
    Domino's BBQ Wings | 0:36
    Pizza Hut WingStreet Burnin' Hot Wings | 1:02
    KFC Smoky Mountain BBQ Wings | 1:35
    P.F. Chang's Hunan Dragon Wings | 2:18
    Outback Kookaburra Wings | 2:53
    Hooters Bacon Wrapped Wings | 3:23
    Zaxby's Nuclear Wings | 4:06
    Buffalo Wild Wings' Mango Habanero Wings | 4:35
    Bonchon Korean Wings | 5:08
    Wingstop – all the wings | 5:32