I Completed All 70 Battle Pass Challenges In One Day And This Is How



  • Luke TheNotable
    Luke TheNotable  10 months ago+395

    You know what isn't challenging? Using my Fortnite Support A Creator Code.
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  • SkitzStuff
    SkitzStuff 11 months ago+1444

    i completed 100 tiers in 1 minute and this is how
    buys 100 tiers

  • Gaming World
    Gaming World 4 months ago+88

    Mom: You have only one day to play fortnite until I remove the WiFi.

  • Stealthy
    Stealthy 10 months ago+400

    Why does he sound like some news reporter or commentator?😂

  • Joshthekiwi 1
    Joshthekiwi 1 10 months ago+278

    8:29 how I intend on ending it all

  • N01KN0WS Y3KN0W
    N01KN0WS Y3KN0W 2 months ago+26

    Damn, I remember when there weren't that many try hards in Fortnite.
    I wish I was still a default.

  • ItzMarcoNation - Fortnite
    ItzMarcoNation - Fortnite 11 months ago+1037

    I bush camped for 100 games try that!

  • Jotgie
    Jotgie 10 months ago+17

    7:40 wth is going on with screen?

  • Kubalson
    Kubalson 3 months ago+10

    And this is how the "I unlocked tier 100 skin in 1 day and this is how" series started.

  • Chris Mario
    Chris Mario 8 months ago+40

    If your watching in season 7 you know flush is gone 😱😱

  • Zach Hofmann
    Zach Hofmann 5 months ago+24

    It's not hard at all because there's Youtube

    ANBU THE WEIRDO 11 months ago+772

    I created a fortnite acount in season 4 and there was 12 hours left and I completed all the challenges with in the 12 hours and the hardest challenge was raise the disco ball near loot lake and all I’m saying is I know how this feels

  • Vasxus
    Vasxus 11 months ago+143

    Elbaton is going in my list of D&D names. Might use it for someone of note

  • mohamed zohir
    mohamed zohir 11 months ago+364

    lol give me the account you got the battle pass from i have no skins
    jk btw

  • Eshipants Poops
    Eshipants Poops 4 months ago+7

    ElbatonEht Ekul
    Luke thenotable
    It’s second account is the backwards of his main account

  • IJDerrick - Minecraft Tutorials

    This is how...

  • Emily Huse
    Emily Huse 11 months ago+1435

    Sleevless Drift: MOM SAID ITS MY TURN ON THE XBOX!
    Coat Drift: NANI?!?!!?

  • InVicTus
    InVicTus 4 months ago+5

    7:34 imagine that guy watching this video right now...

  • alejandro1758 YT
    alejandro1758 YT 9 months ago+10

    I dropped Tomato Temple 100 times and this is what happens!!

  • SMalex the Lion
    SMalex the Lion 9 months ago+66

    Did anyone else notice that his new account name Is Luke thenotable backwards?