Irish People Try Weird Guinness Mixes

  • Published on:  8/20/2018
  • "Is this called the Irish....arse?"Subscribe to The TRY Channel: http://TRY.Media/SubscribeMore Information:Guinness is a simple drink. It is enjoyed by people all across the globe. It would be absolute BLASPHEMY to mix it with anything. seems some scoundrels out there have gone and done just that. We decided to sit down a few of our resident Irish TRYers to see what they thought of these....abominations. (Editor's note: way to keep it neutral)The Tryers featured in this video:Aine O'Neill: http://TRY.Media/AineLeather Jacket Guy: http://TRY.Media/LJGShannon Keenan: http://TRY.Media/ShannonColin Regan: http://TRY.Media/ColinKellie Hughes: http://TRY.Media/KellieSeán Connolly: http://TRY.Media/SeanFollow our socials:Twitter: http://TRY.Media/TwitterFacebook: http://TRY.Media/FacebookInstagram: http://TRY.Media/Instagram_If you'd like to send us stuff to TRY, our postal address for packages under $60*:The TRY ChannelPM3530292Unit C1, North City Business ParkNorth Road, Dublin 11D11 RW30Ireland(*If you're sending food/drink to use in a video, please send 4 variants with enough to share between six people.)Credits :Content produced by The TRY Channel.Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound.TRY is your new home on YouTube. A place where people try things for the first time. Similar to popular YouTube channels such as BuzzFeed, WatchCut, GMM & TheFineBros' React, our goal is to create content to entertain you and to bring a positive light to the start or end of your day.


  • fuccingdye 6 months ago

    I only watch these for leather jacket guy lol that guy rocks 😂

  • Valerie Taylor 22 hours ago

    fuccingdye omg same lol

  • Yeetus Deletus 20 days ago


  • Anistyn Smart 5 months ago

    They bring out the smirnoff ice and the first thing the leather jacket guy says "Should we ring our exes now or later..?"LMFAO

  • OceanBlue 1 months ago

    Anistyn Smart They should have him try the Irish Car Bomb! 😂.

  • eyeseer1 1 months ago

    05:36 in continuity. Just a meme.

  • jobriathboy 5 months ago

    leather jacket guy... i'd seriously fly halfway across the planet to sit and have a beer or 10 with you and listen to you pontificate about the world and its many mysteries... and i quit drinking about 7 years ago, so that's saying something... you, sir, are a comedic genius!

  • Puff E. Upagus 2 days ago

    I'll bring the weed

  • wtate32 1 months ago

    Marry me Shannon !!!

  • Hayley Derwort 4 months ago

    "Shall we ring our exes now or later?" God bless Leather Jacket Guy.

  • Hellride85 6 months ago

    Ireland is a treasure.....a weird backwater of insane drunk people...but still a treasure

  • glen o'rourke 1 months ago

    Michelle Flood ye haven’t a clue what your talking about, I was late for me communion cause I was having my first pint

  • Rose :3 2 months ago

    ever heard of Finland?

  • |_|_|_|_| 0000 6 months ago

    This channel has singlehandedly brought me to the realization that I love girls with Irish accents.

  • / 3 days ago

    I love guys with Irish accents.probsbly good i never met one. I dont need to date someone for their accent. Drama city

  • jr 2607 13 days ago

    Ye there grand till they get angry them ur proper fucked get out quick

  • Tyler Reum 5 months ago

    Apparently we all had the same experience of the smirnoff ice

  • VariousValue 1 months ago

    Avery Howard it tastes good but the sugar is absurd

  • Madison Falco 3 months ago

    Countries apart lmao

  • Grinch 3 months ago

    "tickling a tigers testicles that's lovely isn't it?" - Leather Jacket Guy circa 2019.

  • Robby Adams 4 months ago

    The Smirnoff Ice brings out the best stories from everyone 😂😂"14 in a field""16 in a shed" Brilliant 😂😂

  • Mystic Flower 77 5 months ago

    00:56 okay so, jack sparrow meets... jacksepticeye meets... Sirius from the hp movies 😂

  • Olivia Cline 3 months ago

    Definitely getting Sirius vibes 😂😂

  • Michelle Flood 4 months ago

    Mystic Flower 77 good call if that is leather jacket guy you’re talking about !