Blue Berry Cheese Cake (Homemade Yogurt)

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
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    (serves 2)

    500ml milk
    I pack of yogurt starter culture*
    * Please follow the instruction of your yogurt starter culture.

    -Blue Berry Jam-
    200g blue berries
    50-100g sugar
    1tbsp lemon juice

    200g double cream
    1 clean bottle
    You’ll have about 100g of butter and 100g of butter milk after shaking the double cream. You can just use unsalted butter instead of making it yourself.

    -Cheese Cake-
    (Chocolate lid)
    200g white chocolate
    1-2tsp matcha powder
    1-2tsp blue berry jam
    any berries you like to decorate (I used raspberry and black berry)

    (Cheese cake layer)
    200g cream cheese
    100g yogurt
    100ml butter milk
    30g sugar
    1tbsp lemon juice
    5g agar powder + 2tbsp hot water

    (Agar layer)
    4g agar powder
    500ml water
    1/2 - 1tsp matcha powder
    1tsp blue berry jam

    (Butter cream flower)
    200g white bean paste
    100g unsalted butter
    1tbsp lemon juice
    1-2tsp matcha powder
    1-2tsp blue berry jam

    You can just use pre-made icing.

    (Spun sugar)
    70g sugar
    1tbsp sugar syrup


  • JunsKitchen
    JunsKitchen  4 months ago+9827

    Sorry for the long wait! And thank you so much for supporting on Patreon. I was really happy to use all of the new equipment! Homemade yogurt is pretty easy to make and it's delicious so please give it a try! :)
    *I made a mistake in the video. I didn't use gelatin, I used agar. But you can use gelatin as well.

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