Why the UK Runs Trains to Nowhere




    VTEC No-longer operates the East Coast route. It's now operated by LNER.

  • Dachshund Railfan
    Dachshund Railfan 2 days ago

    The Amshacks suck, but most of the long distance services are in a tight spot due to our country’s geography and railroad organization. I also want to point out that it’s kinda cheap to make jabs at trains like the Southwest Chief and The Empire Builder and completely ignore the NEC and other Corridor services which are much better

  • Remy Nicholls
    Remy Nicholls 4 days ago

    There is another service operated by Chiltern Railways from Paddington to West Ruislip, if you don't believe me, check out Geoff Marshals Paddington to West Ruislip ghost train video

  • Kent Paynter
    Kent Paynter 4 days ago

    The USA subsidizes air service to some small cities. So maybe for a similar reason.

  • Potter's Police Videos

    2:55 Incorrect. It's a route retention service in addition to fulfilling that obligation. They need to keep that line open just in case Marylebone becomes unusable. Therefore they would not want to close that line!

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder 11 days ago

    Privatisation fail

  • Cpr1234
    Cpr1234 23 days ago

    I see that '2' is M40 Trains Limited at 1:02. Could this be why the Chiltern Main Line runs a similar route to the M40 motorway?

  • Eric Fisher
    Eric Fisher 27 days ago

    "Why the UK Runs Trains to Nowhere" Because Kenny Rogers needs a ride.

  • Rishit Deshpande
    Rishit Deshpande 27 days ago

    3-Guide Bridge

  • Matthew McNerlin
    Matthew McNerlin 28 days ago+1

    Should be renamed 'why Britain..', and not 'why UK..'. As in the north of Ireland we have one public transport body, which is quasi-public body. Not individual private bodies.

  • bubala99
    bubala99 29 days ago

    Immediately calls out the train i use to commute

  • C21H22 N2O2
    C21H22 N2O2 1 months ago

    Why this railway in London isn't used?
    Because the Central Line serves all the stations along the part of the line only used by trains Paddington to High Wycombe.

  • Videonerboa
    Videonerboa 1 months ago+2


  • Potter's Police Videos

    Funnily enough I've been on a train between Wymondham and Spooner Row today for the sake of it. Spooner Row has been described by Greater Anglia (the TOC who run the services to that station) as having a "limited service", it is only served by 3 trains per day which makes me think that they are parliamentary trains. Most trains pass straight through it.

  • oiseaudubonheur
    oiseaudubonheur 1 months ago

    How is that "trains to Nowhere"?

  • Saul Luis
    Saul Luis 1 months ago

    *mar-le-bone* not mary-le-bone

  • Sandhya Deshpande
    Sandhya Deshpande 1 months ago

    Sorry, there are 3 and in the middle of Stockport and Stalybridge

  • Onkar Kanbarkar
    Onkar Kanbarkar 1 months ago

    Somehow the process of rail route closure reminded me of Yes Minister :)

  • Mikko Korhonen
    Mikko Korhonen 1 months ago

    This problem didn't exist before the rail service was privatised, by the way

  • Jim Enticer
    Jim Enticer 1 months ago

    The reason we don't got trains is because if you want to use/ride public transport, you are fuckin gay. Plus having your own personal means of transport is a major status symbol