Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 8 (A Team On Trial) | Spoilers



  • Mariah V
    Mariah V 1 months ago+394

    I really wish they wouldn’t do an unaired dance every episode🙄

  • Alissa Bauderlaire
    Alissa Bauderlaire 1 months ago+177

    If they record all the dances, who’s stupid decision is it to not air them?

  • Annie Lin
    Annie Lin 1 months ago+206

    so mad that Lily and Pressley's duet isn't airing...

  • Sweet ALDC
    Sweet ALDC 1 months ago+139

    I really don’t get the need of un-airing dances Every week, the only thing that does it’s to flip the fandoms off.

  • Samara Semenchuk
    Samara Semenchuk  1 months ago+60

    it’s so funny to me that this is the 3rd Kamryn on dance moms 😂 (Ik there spelt different and the two other Kamryns are from s7 and from the select team!!)

  • DSTY
    DSTY 1 months ago+54

    Abby should be nicer to Hannah and Ann.

  • Annie Day
    Annie Day 1 months ago+46

    It was kinda obvious that Lilly and pressley would win, it had better tricks and all that

  • J W
    J W 1 months ago+16

    Why aren’t they airing Pressley and Lilliana’s duet? Doesn’t Lifetime love drama? Cuz see Pressley and Gianina are gonna have a big argument (even if it’s staged) while Stacey and Yolanda are against each other 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Gacha Marshmallows
    Gacha Marshmallows 1 months ago+37

    I really don't understand why they don't air all of the team members dances, and I wish they wouldn't edit certain scenes to make everything always look like it's about drama because I know it isn't always about Abby yelling 😒

  • Hollie Keogh
    Hollie Keogh 1 months ago+77

    I really wish they wouldn’t do an unaired dance every episode🙄 SO ANNOYING

  • Katie
    Katie 1 months ago+12

    So Lily and Pressley duo isn’t airing and it won? How exactly does that make sense?

  • Eleanor-Andrea Rees
    Eleanor-Andrea Rees 1 months ago+18

    Why does it make sense to them to not air a WINNING DANCE on the first week the group dance wins? Like, they basically had a full streak?

  • Aida Patricia Mojica Rodriguez

    the new episodes of Dance Moms seem good but I miss the other moms and girls: Maddie, Kenz, Nia, Chloe, Paige, Brooke, Jojo, Kalani, Kendall, Brynn ... 😟😢

  • Galaxy Aldc
    Galaxy Aldc 1 months ago+7

    We want to see all the dances! Presley and Lilly proved themselves too! They won! Uhhh lifetime... 🙄😒

  • Hollie Keogh
    Hollie Keogh 1 months ago+41


  • Hayley Mark (Grade 6)
    Hayley Mark (Grade 6) 1 months ago+10

    Honestly I wish that they didn’t have trailers because we get to tempted to watch it and it spoils everything

  • Meagan Rae
    Meagan Rae 1 months ago+7

    Ohio and no Cathy..again. Mad about it. 🙄😭😭

  • Actual Loser
    Actual Loser 1 months ago+10

    Aw in the begining they all got along tho..

  • Haley Nicole
    Haley Nicole 1 months ago+4

    Why would they not air a dance that wins. You would think that would cause drama against Lilliana and elliana

  • Kupcake Xox
    Kupcake Xox 1 months ago+49

    It’s annoying how their not going to air Lily’s and Pressely’s winning duet