Caveman Created Ancient Gym Workout Tools By Primitive Skills

  • Published on:  9/5/2018
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  • Tube Unique Wilderness
    Tube Unique Wilderness  11 months ago+2265

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  • randomshet
    randomshet 1 months ago+641

    I can just imagine Athlean-X coming out of the bushes to correct his form

  • Everything Outdoors
    Everything Outdoors 3 months ago+689

    He’s gets tired from benching but he’s perfectly fine after building 6 houses in one day

  • Scobby Do
    Scobby Do 1 months ago+99

    Me: I cant workout i dont have a gym
    This guy: Hold my brick

    BBOY ASIST 4 months ago+593

    The need to be sponsored by Nike - Just Dig It 🕳✅

    VIBRANT 11 months ago+15054

    Next Video: Caveman builds primitive nuclear reactor

  • Azoz Boj
    Azoz Boj 4 months ago+419

    I think he is preparing for primitive Olympic games in 2019 .

  • Peanut B
    Peanut B 3 months ago+125

    Wakes up one day and decides “I am going to build a gym today”

  • Luc x
    Luc x 2 months ago+58

    Me: Mom i don’t have enough money for the gym
    This Guy: i got u homie.

  • D. Rogers
    D. Rogers 1 months ago+62

    Lol the first ad was some dude exposing primitive youtubers

  • Tony Soza
    Tony Soza 7 months ago+1477

    I wanna see a youtube video of a bunch of primitive survival people on youtube come together and just make a city.

  • darthjump
    darthjump 3 months ago+92

    If you live that life you don´t need a Gym

  • ezio auditore
    ezio auditore 4 months ago+98

    I thought cavemen were doing calisthenics 🤔🤔

  • Jeff Müller
    Jeff Müller 1 months ago+18

    next video: Caveman created IPhone X by primitive skills

    COOL NAN 1 months ago+13

    Who else is watching this at 1AM ;-;

  • GaMeDoDo
    GaMeDoDo 11 months ago+1167

    An archaeologist is going to be very confused when he discovers this

  • Punshuk Wangdu
    Punshuk Wangdu 1 months ago+18

    This caveman is doing full body workout with progresive overload, and Cardio time is run from wild boar

  • peter scorciolla
    peter scorciolla 4 months ago+30

    Dude can make anything he needs from literally anything. And he lifts...

  • Paul A
    Paul A 1 months ago+9

    Damn! A gym + my favourite pool house. Just let me know when you have built a flinstones car and I will move in!

  • Brayan Plascencia
    Brayan Plascencia 1 months ago+27

    This is what a normal video would look like if technology existed thousands of years ago