2019 BMW M5 Competition vs. Dodge Demon TRACK TEST // Drag Race, Drifting, Lap Times

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • On this episode of ONE TRACK MIND, Thomas and Colin pit the new BMW M5 Competition against the Dodge Demon in a drag race and on the track. - Many tires were harmed in the making of this film-SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE THROTTLE HOUSE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyXi...Colin's Lap Data! http://thethrottlehouse.com/bmw-m5-co...Check out the Throttle House website for lots more content! http://thethrottlehouse.com/Buy Throttle House T-shirts!: https://shop.spreadshirt.ca/throttle-...(proceeds will go to fixing my broken BMW, so it can then just break again for your entertainment)Instagram!https://www.instagram.com/thethrottle... Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/ThomasHollan...Music from Epidemicsound.com


  • Kevin Akol 7 months ago

    The only machine that can beat a German machine is another German machine

  • Brandon L show me the link,I want to see that American muscle fucking all other cars ,please,please,please😁🙏

  • Konrad Albert ,stop behaving like bloody Indians ,there crap car manufacturer Tata owns jaguar and Land Rover,but it doesn't mean it is an Indian ! I don't know which fucking cunt from India intoxicated you!

  • The Dark Skull 2 days ago

    I would still have the demon so I could pop wheelies and fill it up with racing fuel

  • Mok Ushla 3 days ago

    Did you had demon special tires on it ? If you didnt dont be suprised you would have so much wheel spin thats for sure

  • Nordic Nevs 2 months ago

    If I didn’t care about money I would have the M5

  • Finessed Ya Wife 1 months ago

    Cody N all day

  • Daryl Johnson  3 months ago

    i'll take the m5 Comp please...it's a better over-all car and i won't be followed around by local law enforcement in every county..

  • William Snow 2 months ago

    i would take the m5 too, but the demon is for sure faster and more bang for your buck. But I am not a pro driver so I can probs do better in a bmw since its idiot proof, sad most m5 drivers are assholes who daily it and still havent discovered it has a blinker on it.

  • wolfpac550 9 months ago

    The reality that’s a family sedan kicking ass lol and with luxury

  • Luxury yea lmao😂😂 mercedes laughing at that "luxury".

  • GPtwo 2 days ago

    What a tiiiiiime! For me there's no reason I would take the Demon over the M5 but I love the Demon regardless (and my focus is on every day driving).

  • Vinny Booboo 1 months ago

    "A Dodge Demon or BMW M5 Competition?", asked no one ever. 😂

  • Kurtiskurtical yesterday

    The M5 looks like it’s straight off the cover of Douche Bag Magazine!

  • Dylan Jeffers 2 days ago

    Omega Cinnamon Bun you’re just as dumb as he is because you just said the Demon has a turbo. Dumbass😂😂

  • mainlymusicman 1 months ago

    walks away??lol. what is he talking about? even on a roll it was a photo finish.

  • synth505 yesterday

    Yes.. the demon was walking on the m5. Which means it was steadily pulling away from it. A photo finish? You dont watch racing much do you? The demon had more than a car length on the m5 on the roll race. Photo finish is when it's too close to tell. Dumbass.

  • real gamer 4first 24 minutes ago

    4/you can't get demon full power with out (demon drag race tire, racefule, hyper good driver) DoDge CHALENGER SRT DEMON