2019 BMW M5 Competition vs. Dodge Demon TRACK TEST // Drag Race, Drifting, Lap Times

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
  • On this episode of ONE TRACK MIND, Thomas and Colin pit the new BMW M5 Competition against the Dodge Demon in a drag race and on the track. - Many tires were harmed in the making of this film-


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  • BaBeLoo BaDoo
    BaBeLoo BaDoo 2 hours ago

    Sure, both guys pick the Demon because they felt sorry for the owner of that car. Besides, choosing the Demon because of nostalgic reasons is eqsy as long as you don't look at the yearly costs of ownership. You will go bankrupt on paying roadtaxes and fuel alone, for that road legal one trick drag pony.

  • enk bur
    enk bur 3 hours ago

    How much dodge paid u guys hahahahhah.go M5 Beast

  • Slavbob Trackpants
    Slavbob Trackpants 3 hours ago

    Well comparing a muscle car with a sports car is pretty unfair.

  • Ian Stephenson
    Ian Stephenson 5 hours ago

    Why would I get a Demon, it's an axe murderer. That car needs some modern technology. The M5 is pure luxury with controllable speed unlike that hooligan Demon ("The Brick") which has no character. Just look how compose the M5 is on the track.
    To make matters worse, if the demon is to compete effectively with the M5 at a drag Strip, it will have to be prepped with all kinds of gimmick like warming tires and all sorts of bullshit.

    ROBERT SANCHEZ 5 hours ago

    watch the wheel spin of the Demon in the first race.that killed him.thats it

  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson 6 hours ago


  • BerDz3nA
    BerDz3nA 8 hours ago

    Ever wondered how a fat Conor Murphy would look like ? Here's the guy 😀😀😀

  • John K
    John K 8 hours ago

    Keyboard bandits (non-owners) call it a "single purpose": vehicle because they are (for no better word) ignorant. Many of these same people have never driven a Demon or on a road course for that matter. The Demon is a "purpose built" vehicle that shines best at the strip and is capable everywhere else. Many magazines never even tested the Demon at the strip let alone a road course ...so there is very little objective road course testing for reference. I do, however, commend Thomas and Colin for taking it through its paces on a road course.
    As pointed out in the video, the Demon's wide contact sticky tires help keep in planted in the turns and great throttle control make it fun and predictable. No, the Demon does not compete with a Z06's or 911's in the twisties...I've owned both. However, It handles every bit as good as regular performance pony cars which I have owned as well.

  • Roman 8304
    Roman 8304 9 hours ago+2

    Dodge is good
    German cars still better

  • Professor Splash
    Professor Splash 9 hours ago

    Y’all are dumb the demon is not a track car it’s a drag car that’s what it was advised as that’s like putting a 86 on the drag strip

  • C Robinson
    C Robinson 9 hours ago


  • Jordi Cabanes
    Jordi Cabanes 10 hours ago

    BMW drinks supercharger tears

  • Jose Vidal
    Jose Vidal 10 hours ago

    Just listen the noise of the engine, the Dodge sounds like suffering while the BMW sounds like it's enjoining the ride.

  • CB
    CB 12 hours ago

    Guys, I drove the M5 didn't drove the Demon but I drove the older Challenger... so if I had to choose I would've chosen the Demon too! Why ? Easy, as a former race pilot I would like better the one that "tries to kill you" over a car that does everything for you !

  • Эрик Григорян

    Блять нахуй такие машины сравнивать дауны. Хелкэт даже из букса не вышел. Не удивлюсь если м5 была на полном приводе во время этого заезда. Долбоебы нахуй

  • Boom King76
    Boom King76 14 hours ago

    Not reading comments just started. But I’ll call M5 all around better performance because it’s BMW and that’s what they do when they build M cars. But the Demob is more of a show piece look at me straight line stop light or tree killer: Both cool but if it were my money M5 in a heartbeat. Just my opinion without seeing this yet.

    MCES LEX 15 hours ago

    $110,000 BMW vs $88,000 dodge a $32,000 difference, very unfair comparison, you should compare the $88,000 demon vs an $88,000 BMW.

  • Tinaye Zhomwa
    Tinaye Zhomwa 16 hours ago

    Once the point of getting a car that’s good at one thing(the Demon) instead of getting an all-rounder(the BMW)

  • txmptxd
    txmptxd 16 hours ago

    The demon can smoke that bmw in a drag strip

  • Markus Andrejeff
    Markus Andrejeff 16 hours ago

    I'd still take that M5 the Demon just has a shitty power/weight ratio for a rwd car