Game Theory: Which Link Rules them All? (Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors)

  • Published on:  9/28/2014
  • Edit like a Game Theorist! CLICK HERE ►► the release of Hyrule Warriors, I got to thinking...clearly not all Legendary Heroes are created equally. So across all the various reincarnations of Link in the Legend of Zelda series, which Link would be the best, the one to rule them all? We analyze their strength, smarts, stealth, experience, and equipment to find out which Link is the best Link!Special thanks to Drake for his help researching and capturing for this video: the Loyal Theorists: LoZ Theories:What's in Link's Potions? ► is Dead Theory ►'s Moon ISN'T a Moon ► Nintendo Theories:Can Bullet Bill kill you? ►► is a Psychopath! ►►► out some more of our awesome video game content:Game Theory: Shock: and Sidequesting:


  • Haxy Go 12 months ago

    Which Link Rules them All?_Zelda_

  • Madison Short 18 hours ago

    Oh no you didnt

  • John Giannakopoulos 19 days ago

    He's my favorite.

  • Frengky Giovany 9 months ago

    But now there is Botw And botw link has a motorbikeSurely thats enough to make him win

  • The Conducer an hour ago

    It has a stick

  • Gabi G 3 days ago

    The majora link is the same Link in Ocarina of Time

  • DatBoiJ_420 5 months ago

    Breath of the wild: hold my beer

  • Sara Wallace 2 days ago


  • Mary L 2 days ago

    Shinobu what the ancient arrows

  • InTrenchimnøtAløne 4 months ago

    Things Botw link wins at:Mount: The bikeBow Accuracy: He can do a backflip and shoot as many arrows as he has in middle air and also has a bow with more range Mobility and Agility(?): he can climb, Run and swim with lots of stamina, climb anything, jump and dodge enemy attacksHe might also win at puzzles or be at second place (If there’s a cooking and survival category he might be the best of all)

  • Also, he can do flurry rushes aka slow down time which would give him a huge advantage.

  • Lilkxdude 10 days ago

    I agree with everything except the bow. Not the category but the bow itself. As the other bows in zelds doesn't have a drop effect and thereofore has much more range.

  • Even in 2019 this is one of my favourite Game Theory videos.

  • Victory Gamer 1 months ago


  • Stygi Glow 1 months ago

    You should update it with Hyrule Warriors, Breath of the Wild, and Cadence of Hyrule

  • Stygi Glow 3 days ago

    Ooo Sh it doesn’t matter matter they are still links

  • Lilkxdude 10 days ago

    @Chris Biebel sorry but no

  • What about the 120 shrines in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildYeah I know he made this video before the game was released

  • Drake Decker 1 months ago

    But there are 120 of easy to impossible srines

  • Zovlo 1 months ago

    The Extreme Awesome Mega Gamer shrines are short

  • butt face magy 5 months ago

    MatPat: ocorinaMe: ITS OCARINA!

  • Madison Short 18 hours ago

    DissssssshonorIt IS pronounced ocorina

  • Train link. Becuse he sill just run u over XD

  • Aslow Games 1 years ago

    Spoiler alert: the strongest link is...Link

  • Madison Short 18 hours ago

    No frickin way

  • jlminecraft6133 1 months ago