SCAMMERS are Everywhere in CHINA!



  • Alex West
    Alex West 31 minutes ago

    Best advice is don’t go to China. If you want to experience the Chinese, wait a few years and you won’t have to. They are everywhere already.

  • Chris Duke
    Chris Duke 3 hours ago

    2017, are you still alive or have the Uncle Ho hit men got you by now? 2019?

  • Chris Duke
    Chris Duke 3 hours ago

    Your buddy could have sent a bottle of lit gasoline inside the bar.

  • bambino bambini
    bambino bambini 3 hours ago

    2 words, FUCK CHINA

  • Jeric Dacara
    Jeric Dacara 4 hours ago

    Make a video about filipino scammers too.

  • bob Brian
    bob Brian 5 hours ago

    Scammers are everywhere. I have lived in Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, France and China and i can tell you for free, ill love to live in china again and again...

  • Tenzin Norzom
    Tenzin Norzom 9 hours ago

    Yes Chinese are big scammers and rude people

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown 17 hours ago

    Great information!

  • Ben Kwan
    Ben Kwan 17 hours ago

    These are not isolated incidents, People have tried using similar scams on me in Rome, Madrid, Dubai and Paris. There are nice people around the world and there are BOZO's everywhere as well. Just travel with caution and be aware of people who approach you. I got ripped off by a great looking blonde in Texas. It happens.

  • It's an infinite life
    It's an infinite life 21 hours ago

    You can not call an elephant a pillar just by looking at its leg

  • Balamy Majestic
    Balamy Majestic 21 hours ago

    Go back to your country white trash fucker

  • Colani Tower
    Colani Tower yesterday

    Same scams as in Greece, Morocco, and Amsterdam

  • Eugene M
    Eugene M yesterday

    Fucking locust

  • David Kershaw
    David Kershaw yesterday

    I've been in Shanghai now for many months and previously 2 holidays and there are very few stories of scammers however when I went to Beijing however the culture was a lot more cold and I felt I was being scammed otherwise I feel this video is unnecessary scare mongering

  • ben hart art
    ben hart art yesterday

    a good rule of thumb is to take a pretend mobile fone and wallet with fake currency inside, have your real fone and wallet secure in your backpack which you carry on your chest
    and under NO circumstances do you engage with anyone trying to sell you things, oh and uber if possible, or take a photo of the taxis credentials when you get in the taxis
    also helps if you pack your brain :)

  • palethia minerva
    palethia minerva yesterday

    you dont seem like you do well with children.. i hope you have none

  • l wang
    l wang yesterday

    you are literally just exaggerating the dark sides of China. Just because China has scammers doesn't mean it is a horrible country

  • syr200512
    syr200512 yesterday

    1.00 dollar = 7 Yen If you don't bargain, you die, if you accidentally leave something expensive in a normal cab, 97% of the time, it's gonna be gone. I got relatives in China so this is not a problem but for those who don't have relatives, be carful, China has a semi-weak government system so they can't control their people very well. I'm not saying that you shouldn't go to China, just find a safe place to go to, like Nanjing, Purple Crystal Mountain. That's where my old house is.

    ZENOIST2 yesterday

    At least you wont risk getting beheaded by a muslim fanatic.
    China takes a hard line with immigration and amazingly enough has practically no muslim terrorist attacks.
    Poland does too despite taking in a LOT of immigrants from the Ukraine mostly and has almost zero terrorist attacks.
    How can this possibly be when diversity is our strength?
    PS god bless Poland and keep flying your flag !!!!!

  • NPC11082356
    NPC11082356 yesterday

    So cheating and scamming is integral in Chinese society? Good idea to outsource all our business to them!