WoW Arena BlizzCon Championship Part 2 and Finals

  • Published on:  11/7/2019
  • WoW tournaments with none of the long breaks. Just pure game play. Timestamps below.

    Cloud9 vs Aztech
    00:05 MLD vs RPS
    01:39 MLD vs RPS
    14:57 MLD vs RPS
    25:17 MLD vs RPS

    The Gosu Crew vs Cloud9
    35:35 MLD vs Walking Dead
    43:19 MLD vs Walking Dead
    53:00 MLD vs Walking Dead
    01:06:37 MLD vs Walking Dead
    01:18:25 RMD vs Walking Dead

    Cloud9 vs Wildcard Gaming
    01:25:39 RMD vs WMChi
    01:39:14 RMD vs WMChi
    01:50:01 RMD vs WMChi
    02:00:48 RMD vs WMChi

    Method Black vs Wildcard Gaming
    02:11:32 RMD vs WMChi
    02:19:39 MLD vs Walking Dead
    02:34:36 Smokebomb Cleave vs Volcano Cleave
    02:48:14 RMD vs Walking Dead
    03:00:06 RMD vs WMChi
    03:14:47 MLD vs Walking Dead
    03:29:26 RMD vs WMChi

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