The Shady Truth About Kat Von D

  • Published on:  10/1/2018
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    Kat Von D has never been one to shy away from controversy, but it's hard to tell whether the makeup mogul loves the drama, or if the drama loves her. Either way, it's a marriage she can't escape. Through cheating scandals with award-winning actors and never-ending online feuds with fellow makeup stars, Von D has managed to throw more shade than one of her best-selling eyeshadow palettes. She's the kind of celebrity that always leaves us wondering what spectacularly odd situation she’ll find herself in next. Here’s the shady truth about your favorite tattooed star...

    Competition and cancellation | 0:30
    Giving makeup a bad name | 1:22
    Kat Von D vs. Jeffree Star | 2:19
    Logo stealing accusations | 2:51
    Behind the palette | 3:33
    The rebound girl | 4:08
    Deadmau5 drama | 5:25
    Cheating hypocrisy | 5:59
    No Trumps allowed | 6:34
    Romanticizing mental illness | 7:26

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