THE GYMNASTICS CHALLENGE in GIANT SUMO SUITS! Funny Fantastic Gymnastics Battle Challenge

  • Published on:  4/15/2017
  • The Gymnastics Challenge! In this ultimate gymnastics acro competition funny try the impossible, gymnastics in a fat suit. This brother vs brother gymnastic challenge is full of fantastic gymnastics, amazing tricks and crazy flips. This is not a tutorial or how to video about teaching or learning gymnastics for the olympics just two boys (not twins) trying to learn tricks, playing around and having fun. Maybe next time we’ll try a cheerleading game challenge and you can cheer us on with the best music.

    Gymnastics Challenge #1 is an awesome battle of strength. Brothers try to flip the other out of the gym by musicals built from pull ups, handstand, push up, pope climb & back flips.

    Gymnastics Challenge #2 boys take the yoga challenge & combined it with gymnastics challenge. Doing challenging positions like downward dog & others that test them in sumo suits.

    Gymnastics Challenge #3 they take on another popular sport but it doesn't work out

    Gymnastics Challenge #4 is a warm up that should be easy for beginners to learn but causes Collins Key and Devan Key some problems. they need tips & tricks

    Gymnastics Challenge #5 takes another popular sport completion where one of the boys pulls a classic funny comedy joke on this brother & makes him fall.

    Gymnastics Challenge #5 is all about crazy rhythmic gymnastics, but not using ribbon, hoop but they use a ball in their training.

    Gymnastics Challenge #9 is all about front flips, back flips, back handsprings front handsprings, floor, balance beam routines, and tumbling.

    Gymnastics Challenge theres high flying tricks, crazy balloon pops, cool moments & even a mind blowing ending.

    Ultimately this crazy gymnastics competition is just brothers and boys having fun, playing & trying new popular sports! These siblings aren't the best but are just having tons of fun making a funny comedy video that is safe.

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