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  • Published on:  12/6/2019
  • A playthrough of Viacom New Media's 1994 license-based adventure game for the Sega Genesis, Beavis and Butthead.

    This Genesis game is, in my opinion, easily the best console game based on the TV series, more closely resembling the PC graphic adventure game (Beavis and Butthead: Virtual Stupidity) than the Zelda-style Game Boy game and the shallow action games on the SNES and Game Gear.

    The game tasks Beavis and Butthead with finding the pieces of their GWAR concert tickets after they've been eaten (and puked up) by a poodle and then flung far and wide across Highland by Mr. Anderson's riding mower.

    You comb the streets of Higland, the local Burger World, the mall, the hospital, the drive-in theater, and Highland High for any signs of the tickets. Since it's primarily an adventure game, you'll usually be picking up items and using them to solve puzzles, but these aren't the sorts of puzzles you'd find in a typical King's Quest title. Oh no. A Burger World customer accidentally ate a piece of a ticket? Well, go deep fry a rat and put it in his food. You might just find what looking for in the resulting puddle of vomit! The game doesn't mind getting crass in its humor, and its hilarious.

    I mean, it starts with a pull my finger joke! :D

    The graphics and sound are particularly impressive for the Genesis, the game is shockingly faithful to the TV show. And the burp/fart cloud weapons are a pretty excellent touch :) The controls are a bit touchy, but for anyone that wants an irreverent, challenging PC-like adventure on a console, the Genesis version of Beavis & Butthead is a choice pick!

    *This video is of a new recording I made to replace the original 240p one I posted back about six years ago. The video quality is much better here - I hope you enjoy it!
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