It's My Birthday | Stand up comedy by Sumit Anand

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Yeah!! New solo show is on tour, its called 'Nothing About Godzilla'See the details at Book Here - Dont book, you live your life man!Tour Cities - Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Gurugram, and none the less - Nagpur. More cities will be added.CREDITS:Shot by - Kirat Singh Bawa, BangaloreSound Recording - Rakesh Up, BangaloreSound Mixing - Sohail GandhiEdited by - Nanak BhatiaLocation - That Comedy Club, Bangalore


  • Urvashi Varshney
    Urvashi Varshney 5 months ago+1255

    "कहीं मैं समय तो नहीं!". Epic bro😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

    INSTINCT 3 months ago+155

    extremely surprised and/or shocked
    अत्‍यधिक चकित या/और स्‍तब्‍ध; हक्‍का-बक्‍का, भौंचक्‍का

  • Sameer Naik
    Sameer Naik 5 months ago+619

    You nailed it bro..this content left me flabbergasted 😂😂😂😂😂

  • kidpaBōss
    kidpaBōss 2 months ago+69

    This guy has reached a dangerous level of freedom😂😂

  • y tho
    y tho 2 months ago+212

    This guy's energy is mood😂 You can say that he's already done with life..

  • Narayan Chandraker
    Narayan Chandraker 5 months ago+1721

    Abhishek upamanyu and sumit Anand
    Just live in an another world

  • bsbs1986
    bsbs1986 4 months ago+286

    Pls add subtitles for those few Hindi words popping in between.. for the international audience.

    VIKAS SHARMA 2 months ago+150

    My girlfriend got mad on me
    Because I was not excited as she wanted me to be
    On my birthday
    Which in some way hurt her feeling
    So I was sorry
    Because what I did to her 😂😂😂
    High ☘️ maintenance 🤣

  • kuldeep singh
    kuldeep singh 4 months ago+132

    Believe me whenever I m angry or feel frustrated I watch this video and feel calm I watched it more than 25 times but still it makes me laugh
    thank you so much for making such an amazing video

  • behnaaz i
    behnaaz i 2 months ago+49

    "Walking around at 12 pm apologizing for my bday"....... Brilliant sketch.

  • Cynthia Bice
    Cynthia Bice 7 months ago+3167

    Just watched this from America and he made me laugh more than most American comedians today! Great job! So glad I found ya! Much love and support all the way from over here!

  • Prachuriya Shirsha
    Prachuriya Shirsha 1 months ago+65

    Sumit anand is international level comedian! My goodness! Such a plesure to just swallow every drop of his natural comic sense!

  • Sarthak Vadalkar
    Sarthak Vadalkar 2 months ago+37

    I believe that this video has only 500k viewers. But everyone has watched it atleast 10 times !!
    Underrated and epic !!

  • john trivada
    john trivada 3 months ago+90

    May be the dislikes are from mukesh ambani and 3k staff living with him. May be, just guessing as i have never been mukesh.

  • HP M
    HP M 4 months ago+118

    "I have never been that word" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Parul Manhas
    Parul Manhas 8 months ago+1053

    Uber driver : i'm at the location sir
    Me: Could you go to the destination and tell me if it's worth it? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • naveen yadav
    naveen yadav 2 months ago+62

    Every successful person, I just wanna leave a message.
    Just leave . ( 12.33 )

  • Vini Sharma
    Vini Sharma 2 months ago+69

    Wtf 😂😂
    You're HILARIOUS! So so so underrated.!!!

  • Pooja H
    Pooja H 3 months ago+77

    "Stfu and be dead" ..omg😂
    Abhishek upamanyu and this guy has reached new level of comedy

  • taylor durdon
    taylor durdon 3 months ago+50

    Good one sir......Even karl Marks would've given a standing ovation on that capitalism joke ....