The COOLEST Tech at CES 2019!

  • Published on:  1/9/2019
  • Thanks to Seasonic for sponsoring this video!Buy Seasonic PSUs on Amazon: Seasonic PSUs on Newegg: SOURCES:STACKS ON STACKS PC processors holiday 2019 Comcast, adding 10 gigabit broadband + WiFi 6 in homes VR? IT’S A THINGHTC Vive Pro Eye – basically Pro with eye tracking Pro Cosmos – wireless PC headset Reality System – moving away from SteamVR tracking? MORE LIKE LIFT BITSIT’S LIKE A FRAME BUFFET FLEX BUT OK LEAP’S COOLER COUSIN, TEXAS RA- ER, BUTLER FLYING CARS


  • kemfic 5 months ago

    im so glad riley's on LMG

  • kemfic 5 months ago

    over00lord Unknown lmao

  • over00lord Unknown 5 months ago

    When I read your comment the first time, I was like "What's i-m-g, is that supposed to be imgur?" Then I realized that it was an L not an i. (The font used on YouTube makes it look like they are the same thing, look: l I Could you see that it was L i?

  • Max Mansfield 5 months ago

    I like how the production value gets better each day at CES.

  • I Am Sekou 5 months ago

    @Shitij Verma If you're gay

  • Phillip Colburn 5 months ago

    Yes! For the love of God this one is watchable!

  • Archy Productions 5 months ago

    People in 1950s: I bet in the future we will have flying cars2019: We have WALKING CARS instead

  • GraveUypo 5 months ago

    Technically those bell drones could be considered flying cars, so we kinda have both

  • Minh Trương 5 months ago

    imagine having china's population with flying cars crashing into buidings ... That would be a disaster sry people in 1950s =((

  • keppy 5 months ago

    God, I love Riley. I'm so glad Linus decided to hire him!

  • Lord Oysteryn 5 months ago

    @tuanhamdani 89 same bud

  • Connor 5 months ago

    @tuanhamdani 89 huh

  • Angry Bulldog Gaming 5 months ago

    they got all that space and they walk in front of the camera and bump on your shoulder you should've smack him

  • Karnivore 4 months ago

    Asians have no respect.

  • kuru 5 months ago

    and you guys are making a very big deal out of it

  • Artifind 5 months ago

    I am happy Riley is doing this video

  • anikanbounty97 5 months ago

    same he awesome

  • Daniel27D 5 months ago

    i want dennis

  • Sub or Gtfo. 5 months ago

    It'll Not be cool, if they didn't add any Soulja Boy products

  • jebus0057 5 months ago

    @Bryton Massie yeah... you even went back and highlighted it... which means you wrecked the joke by explaining it. RIP bad joke.... you never had a chance.

  • Bryton Massie 5 months ago

    @jebus0057 I put a pun in my joke, don't ya see?

  • Anirban Goswami 5 months ago

    I love the live wallpaper background in Techlinked. Anyone miss the msi dragon?Edit: I'm being sarcastic, people. That's actually people in the background.

  • stealthninja 5 months ago

    @Michael Vigo it's not a good fucking r/woosh holy shit

  • Michael Vigo 5 months ago

    @stealthninja r/woooosh

  • Cars. They are the alternative to walking.And now: THEY WALK!

  • Cole 5 months ago

    AlphaCentaurian Person self-walking cars.

  • HEXOTECH 5 months ago

    And now they walk and roller skate

  • Srinivas Pavan 5 months ago

    Intel :10nm chipsAmd: hold my beer

  • Bogodo 5 months ago

    @Zamundaaa radeon VII compare to vega 64 only improve 27%.disappoint! from 12nm to 7nm.only 27% improved

  • amd 7nm is still too early to judge