Star Wars: The Last QB Trailer (Official)



  • Ishimaru Kaito
    Ishimaru Kaito 9 days ago

    Nick foles is a superior being

  • Christopher Sivel
    Christopher Sivel 16 days ago

    Should definitely make another one, but the last QB Returns, since he’s the starter for the eagles this season!

  • Lewis’ Poon
    Lewis’ Poon 19 days ago

    Lol Foles sucks

  • Greg Brown
    Greg Brown 1 months ago

    This needs to be in the Hall of Fame, Phily Special

  • jay dee
    jay dee 1 months ago

    BIG dick Nick baby!!!

  • Da Hawk
    Da Hawk 2 months ago

    Filly's Foals: The Horse Awakens

  • J Bones
    J Bones 3 months ago

    We need the sequel!

  • Francis Mausley
    Francis Mausley 5 months ago

    luv it... go phil... go stars....

  • Michael Snyder
    Michael Snyder 6 months ago

    Great stuff, nicely done.

  • David White
    David White 6 months ago+2


    JOEY CAROMANO 7 months ago+1

    He defeated the evil empire

  • Bromthymol Blue
    Bromthymol Blue 7 months ago+3

    I'm not a football fan but let me say that was perfectly synced.

  • Zachariah Sutherland
    Zachariah Sutherland  7 months ago+3

    Spoilers: at the end of this movie he vanquishes the enemy and catches a td pass which is weird for a Star Wars film

  • Hayley Campbell
    Hayley Campbell 7 months ago+2

    Only thing that would've made this better, is a few clips of the Patriots during the lines about the First Order. You should make another one with Superbowl clips!

  • SurferGuy
    SurferGuy 7 months ago+4

    Star Wars: Return Of The Quarterback!

  • mylobage
    mylobage 7 months ago

    Redo this now that he's one the Super Bowl. It be even better.

  • Theo Lamp
    Theo Lamp 7 months ago

    Great video. I made some mistakes . I wasn't on board with the Pederson hiring. I thought Agholor should have been released. But, I was thrilled with the Eagles bringing back Foles. I guess it worked out.

  • Director Guy Fury
    Director Guy Fury 7 months ago

    This is so weird my niga

  • AwardedAqua
    AwardedAqua 7 months ago

    needs more explosions

  • Edward Hubbard
    Edward Hubbard 7 months ago

    How do I find the picture of Nick smoking the cigar?