John Cena Guesses Famous Robots | WIRED



  • S1gmus 6 months ago

    Making a toilet transformer called JonTron is probably the greatest accidental diss I’ve ever seen

  • Fransisco M 10 hours ago

    Uhhh wasnt an accident wtf

  • GoldenEye168 5 months ago

    That’s so funny, and you just put the cherry on the Sundae

  • Orange 5 months ago

    Haha a white background is telling us about robots

  • Fransisco M 10 hours ago

    Austin Torrez i kinda like it lol

  • Odin Kristiansen 17 days ago

    @Bratwurst *you can't see me my time is now*

  • VideoGameRapBattles 5 months ago

    John Cena thinks that JonTron's content belongs in the toilet confirmed

  • ARagersThoughts 1 4 months ago

    @Bapesta23Bankai oof

  • Riku Väyrynen 5 months ago

    "Hello, I'm John Cena and I'm known for being John Cena." If I ever become famous I will 100% use that.

  • Brian Halligan 2 months ago

    Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles true but unlike most wrestlers John Cena in character is basically John Cena IRL

  • Chiriac Puiu 4 months ago

    you'll say that you are known for being John Cena?

  • MSD 5 months ago

    How do these people continue to get away with putting John Cena’s name in the title for views, yet there is no Cena to be found???

  • Donald Duck 16 days ago

    JonTron will be our first time we get to see John Cena with our eyes

  • Edplays games 1 months ago

    @Chiron 68 you cant see it

  • - 7heEdge - 5 months ago

    “it’s a JonTron”*I’LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK*

  • Rabbit Hole Inc. 2 months ago

    @- 7heEdge - Not gonna lie not the biggest John Cena fan, but he got some respect points here, would have had more but he didn't know who Astro Boy was lol

  • - 7heEdge - 2 months ago

    oh hecking frick i almost got a heart attack when i saw the number of likes.

  • garfield1988 5 months ago

    “It’s a JonTron”*ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?*

  • rickxhoshinji 5 months ago

    John Cena talking sci-fi is just amazing to hear.

  • Andrej Nikolov 5 months ago

    John Cena is actually very intelligent.

  • Uncle Sam 3 months ago

    @dean noel Intelligence and knowledge are two different things.

  • Mc Muffin 5 months ago

    JonTron Already Exists XD 6:35