Fortnite X NFL

  • Published on:  11/5/2018
  • We're excited to announce that Fortnite and the NFL are teaming up for the ultimate football face-off. Starting November 9 at 7PM ET you'll be able to purchase NFL themed Outfits from the Fortnite Item Shop.

    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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  • Skittles
    Skittles 3 hours ago

    anybody saw this emote not in the game yet. a guy wearing all black behind the person behind the flossing nfl player is doing it.

  • Gacha Gamer
    Gacha Gamer 3 hours ago

    Where my Seahawks at?

  • Sam Hoskins
    Sam Hoskins 8 hours ago

    People say that orange justice wasnt from the orange kid but look on the right
    Fortnite proves that it was orange shirt kid

  • Gilda Martinez
    Gilda Martinez 14 hours ago

    I wasn’t Couldn’t get Fortnite Can you Give me the Football skins and Emotes
    One more thing Can i get a Skull trooper
    Account Name:PRDimplez40 Consle: Xbox One

  • pinky1871
    pinky1871 15 hours ago+1

    Lol the guys use a unresael emote like if seeded

  • mangomaaza
    mangomaaza 17 hours ago

    best game ever ...> instert fire emoji here x3 ^^

  • Red Cobra Productions
    Red Cobra Productions 19 hours ago

    did you realize the seahawks player in the background is wearing the 25? rip sherman.

  • IVXY _
    IVXY _ 20 hours ago

    Omg did anyone notice there’s a leaked emote on there 😯

  • JustDelan
    JustDelan yesterday+1

    I saw a meme of a nfl uniform in fortnite and I had no idea it was real until now.

  • Tertianjeans 864
    Tertianjeans 864 yesterday

    Bring back douple shotgun

  • kauan gamerplay
    kauan gamerplay yesterday

    Quando vocês vão liberar para o moto g3

  • PabloR Does Stuff

    OJ Simpson in Fortnite comfirmed

  • raphaela ratzlaff

    I saw broncos jersey and came immediately

  • Ashlen Marashadow

    Oh jesus. Fortnite. I don’t know why this was a craze, the game literally sucks.
    ( And Angry 12 Year Olds, Don’t Yell At Me In The Reply Section Of This Comment, Thank You Very Much! )

  • Nick Frutos
    Nick Frutos yesterday

    Any Default Dancers at the moment?

  • Zannos_Gaming
    Zannos_Gaming yesterday

    for the 4% of people reading this, in my life the one dream that I have is to be able to make people proud of me the way I am going to do that is by making good YouTube videos and maybe become a good YouTuber

  • Dan Burt
    Dan Burt yesterday

    Can there be a dog skin and a robot llama pet

  • Hans Romero
    Hans Romero yesterday

    Please do MLB next!

  • Blazegalaxystudios
    Blazegalaxystudios yesterday+1

    This is Joe
    I o o I
    I _ n _ I He likes cake 🍰
    He lives in a Garbage truck 🚛
    Please rescue him before its too late and he ends up in the dump.

  • ToNYa
    ToNYa 2 days ago

    This looks like a current 4th grade classroom xddd