Waterslide Takes You To The 5th Dimension

  • Published on:  12/12/2017
  • Links To Sources:

    Swing: https://kodamazomes.com/

    Plane: https://www.instagram.com/p/BS4hKc9jb...

    Fire Plane: https://www.201tube.com/video/k-dUG/video.html

    Ice Skate: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcAJvgtlG...

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  • Dylster X
    Dylster X 9 months ago+7756

    This bitch is so intense, the 4th dimension cannot handle it. It skips straight to the 5th.

  • Sarah
    Sarah 3 hours ago


  • jx592
    jx592 19 hours ago

    I especially like the section of waterslide that looks like where Luke Skywalker fell in Empire Strikes Back

  • Ender Acrocanthosaurus

    Looks like me ascending in ARK: Survival Evolved

  • Maria Ela Yorukoglu
    Maria Ela Yorukoglu 23 hours ago

    Some idiots in Turkey put razor blades inside the waterslides in water parks lol

  • qυιии мσσи

    My grandpa fought wildfires and I got to ride in one of those planes once it was dope

  • Stanki Memes
    Stanki Memes yesterday

    Hey just realized that day was my birthday 12/12/2003

  • Ej Badman
    Ej Badman yesterday

    I would have a cesear going on that slide

  • Agrielb Deae
    Agrielb Deae yesterday

    I don’t trust in this man

  • Alan Baqtar
    Alan Baqtar yesterday

    2:22 bro i would just create that but it won’t be as good but it is simple but takes time

    KPLIITZ yesterday+1

    I went to this water slide its a ship from Norwegian

  • Blickyboy 18
    Blickyboy 18 yesterday

    2:10 is called retardant

  • Anthony Bryson
    Anthony Bryson yesterday

    0:26 if so this is pretty chill honestly feels like im laying in my bed, i can handle g forces like a boss i guess 🤪

  • Mr Cool137
    Mr Cool137 yesterday

    The new doctor who intro looks pretty cool

  • Purple Head
    Purple Head yesterday+1

    This is actually where tardis goes through when it's traveling

  • saldk king
    saldk king yesterday

    If it lets u travel through time can i go to your moms house?

  • Stef XD
    Stef XD yesterday

    I have that waterslide in my country

  • PureCash
    PureCash yesterday

    I overdosed on internet

  • 1,000 sub challange


  • Beneqpl Gaming
    Beneqpl Gaming 2 days ago