Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake (Official Video)



  • Nathaly 6 months ago

    Whoever edited this got mad patience

  • Marvel Fan 13 hours ago


  • Curse 16 days ago

    Editor: Say no moreTravis: I didn’t say anything

  • 100bullets miranda 13 hours ago


  • Wow. XD

  • Rob Bob yesterday

    Gods plan part 2: The budget for this video was $800,000,000...”*A N D W E G A V E I T A L L A W A Y*

  • djwbiebficnejd 12 hours ago

    says you love dank memes,but acting like normie lol

  • Travis: how many effects do we have? Producer: around 500, why?Travis: get moreProducer: but Travis, 500 effects are plen...Travis: GET. MORE.

  • jd xd 7 hours ago

    ???funny af

  • *this song makes me want to call 911 and ask what's the emergency*

  • Tashi Pakhrin 3 hours ago

    too lazy to write anything 😂😅🤣

  • Go play with your momas dildo instead writring bullshit pinche morro pendejo

  • x xllitachillx x 7 months ago

    This is what happens when you put coffee in the lean.

  • Smooth CHWS yesterday

    x xllitachillx x 1k like

  • Jay Finesse yesterday

    x xllitachillx x I got this comment to 1k

  • _Jacob_C_ 5 days ago

    Dave: "So travis we made 4 beats which one do you wanna use?"Travis: "yes"

  • David Stopka yesterday


  • PrFy BlakeyBoy 2 days ago

    Theres only three beats though?? Am i missing something?

  • Travis feeling a lil creativedecides to change the thumbnail

  • Kieran Chan 2 hours ago


  • Elite Ghostfast yesterday

    Prod: Ok Travis we can make about 4 songs with these beats Travis: Yes

  • Elite Ghostfast 8 hours ago

    whatagreatname aye damn can’t think of anything without people saying I stole it, like you get mad over creativity when other people most likely made that same joke dbag

  • Elite Ghostfast 8 hours ago

    whatagreatname aye who the hell is this guy

  • Harry Pan 15 days ago

    I showed this to Travis ScottMy dog : yes

  • brody elson yesterday

    Haha boss

  • Maverick yesterday

    botoom text