The Best TVs of CES 2019

  • Published on:  1/10/2019
  • This was a huge year for TVs at CES. In some cases, literally. Some years we see just incremental improvements on existing technology or a bunch of buzzwords that leave us cold when the rubber hits the road. But this year, we saw some real innovation and some big leaps forward. TV makers are pushing the edge of the envelope like never before. Here’s our list of the best TVs at CES.LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R (65R9)Let’s start with the most intriguing: LG’s roll-up OLED TV is every bit as magical as you’ve imagined. LG’s 65-inch 4K OLED Type R. The R stands for roll-up or, as we like to call it, Roll-ed. The TV emerges from a long rectangular box like a phoenix from the ashes, and when you’re done watching, it rolls right back down, out of sight. It can also be minimized into what LG calls “line view” to deliver different kinds of content. There’s an integrated speaker system but LG is supporting WiSA this year, which means wireless surround sound is now possible in a whole new way. We found this TV to be so remarkable, we gave it our coveted best Tech of CES award.SAMSUNG MICRO LED “THE WALL” TVWe move on to the biggest TV here: Samsung’s 219-inch “The Wall.” It’s a Micro LED TV, which means there’s no backlight. It’s emissive, like OLED, but unlike OLED it uses only Red, Green, and Blue pixels, so not only can it deliver true black levels, but it is incredibly bright and colorful. This is a modular system, too, so the idea is that it can be assembled in any size or shape you want, but as conventional TV sizes go, Samsung went and surprised us with a 75-inch variant, which could be a TV you could own one day.LG 88-INCH 8K OLED (Z9)Also, in the LG booth is this stunning 88-inch 8K OLED. It’s not just big, it’s luscious. The picture is deep, rich, and intoxicating. For best picture quality at the show, this is it for us. It’s also important to point out that LG, like all the big manufacturers, is supporting Apple AirPlay 2, so you can now play your iTunes movies, TV shows, and music through the TV using your iOS device or Mac. Honestly, if the roll-up OLED wasn’t so compelling, this would be our pick for best TV at CES.SAMSUNG 98-INCH 8K QLED TV (Q900)Next up is Samsung 98-inch 8K QLED TV. Not only is it big, but its super well-designed both from an aesthetic standpoint, but also the user experience. From Samsung’s no-gap wall mount to its automatic source detection, to the one-connect box and one-connect cable – this TV is just a bigger version of the 8K awesome we’ve come to expect from Samsung. Count on Samsung’s A.I. upscaling system to make any content you watch, from any source, look great at 8K resolution.SONY 98-INCH 8K LED/LCD TV (Z9G)Sony also has a 98-inch 8K LED TV, and it’s a looker. The feather in Sony’s cap is its X1 Ultimate processor, which does an incredible job at not just upscaling, but cleaning up an image. Those banding artifacts you get with streaming content – which let’s face it is mostly what we watch — looks smooth as silk on this TV, and that’s critical at this size. Sony is making a few other 8K models this year, but it’s hard to deny this 98-incher is the most cinematic-looking TV we’ve seen at the show this year.TCL 75-INCH 8K ROKU TVNow over to TCL, which is poised to blow up even bigger in 2019. It’s got a 75-inch 8K TV, too, but the difference here is that it is a Roku TV and that it will come in far less expensive than its competition. With TCL producing an 8K TV at this size, it is likely far more people will be able to take the step up in resolution if they want to. It doesn’t hurt that this TV supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG types of high dynamic range content directly from the Roku platform, making it one of the most user-friendly TVs on our list.That’s a lot, isn’t it? As we said, it was an exciting year for TV at CES 2019, and these were just our picks for the best. There are a lot more where these came from, and we’re going to be reviewing a lot of them this year, so keep visiting Digital Trends for the best TV reviews and all your insightful daily tech news.Full Article: FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS DIGITAL TRENDS Series---Behind the Wheel: Tech you can't buy Yet: my Crib: US!


  • Tommy Texter 5 months ago

    That rollable LG TV R is sick!

  • Max Dec. 2 months ago

    Imagine the price😂wish I could afford it

  • SW 16 5 months ago

    Yes. Sure. But too large. Do you like to see a human face through a screen magnifier ? I can count every winkle. And you know what : Tom Cruise is getting old....

  • Angel Agrinsoni 5 months ago

    I remember when 32" was a respectable size.

  • Jim Kilbane 24 days ago

    @Alien SexGod Your 8" is damn respectable!

  • Durahl 2 months ago

    Was about to complain what century that must have been but then recalled the screen size of my first CRT Monitor actually being 14" with my Surface Book 2 being the 15" model for comparison kind of triggering a holy shit moment. I then remembered my last CRT being a backbreaking 30kg 22" IBM C220P replaced by a 30" DELL U3007 when I moved out of town.Coming back ( to my town ) I bought my first TV, a SONY 50"+, which later got upgraded to a SONY KD-75S9005B and just this year...

  • John Verteux 5 months ago

    OK, to summarise:OLED is becoming king (YESS!!!)MicroLED, the holy grail of tv is a real deal (YESS!!!)Vizio, Hisense and TCL are pushing LG, Sony and Samsung for the top end, resulting in better competition that is best for consumers (YESS!!!)Hisense have mastered that awesome laser TV of theirs (YESS!!!)FANTSTIC YEAR FOR TVS AHEAD!!

  • Wade Weston 1 months ago

    well no, sorry your wrong about the oled.

  • SW 16 2 months ago

    Two wrong technologies. Only projection gives realistic image. Why ? Our eyes see reflectance more than luminance. It is definitive. That why we need a soft image. Do you ever seen a lightning car, a lightning tree, a lightning bright un-natural colors ?? Infinite black doesn't exist in everyday life ! Highly polluting huge screen ?? So these tehcnologies are a non-sens !So auto emissive pixels is the wrong technology. Very short lens projectors are the future. Smaller, more ecological, in...

  • Hoffer Tamás 3 months ago

    You'll be pleased to know that not all of them cost an arm and a leg, some cost a heart!

  • Doug Armstrong 5 months ago

    video about 8k tvs, uploaded in 11-year-old 720p 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Rebel State Sovereign 2 months ago

    Lol, so true

  • Alien SexGod 3 months ago

    The irony

  • Walter White 5 months ago

    The LG C9 baby!!

  • Robert Kelly 5 months ago

    Walter White Sony AG9 for me

  • iMiguelAOG 5 months ago

    I hope the B9 brings the B series lower in price. $1600 definitely is lower than we've had, but I hope it can go lower

  • Jack Toreto 5 months ago

    Is the lg oled 8k tv have a better picture quality than the Samsung micro led one?🤔

  • Robert Kelly 5 months ago

    Jack Toreto Nope MicroLED us better

  • R J 5 months ago

    I think he was talking about what you'll be able to actually purchase maybe? I don't see micro led being affordable anytime soon.

  • Boe Dillard 5 months ago

    OMG - Roll up TV - seriously!?! Other than people distracted by shiney keys who would be excited by this - they've been showing it for years. Higher refresh rate, brighter OLED, smoother motion, burn in protection on OLED - those would be exciting (if they were part of CES 2019). I don't even like Samsung TVs that much due to their motion and upscaling but their one connect box is far far more interesting to me than a rollup TV with a ginormous speaker that I don't even want. Microled shows p...

  • Thomas Rupersburg 5 months ago

    Oh LG, you're making me drool. Roll-LED, gotta have it.

  • Sven Veader 5 months ago

    @ericimi ITS ROLL-LED BABY

  • Thomas Rupersburg 5 months ago

    @ericimi Didn't realize there was an official name for it other than OLED-TV-R, It's cool, that's for sure.

  • The Fuzz 5 months ago

    With almost every TV manufacturer jumping on 8K, they have officially run out of ideas. We barely have enough 4K content as it is and the promise of upscaling will be barely perceptible on anything outside of a 100 inch plus panel with your nose up to the screen. The only other big news is the roll out of HDMI 2.1 but that is of practically no use to anyone outside of the ultra enthusiast gamer who needs a monstrous amount of bandwidth. And you should be able to get eARC on the HDMI 2.0 standard. We wa...

  • Andrew Mckibben 5 months ago


  • The Fuzz 5 months ago

    @Andrew Mckibben "videoing" is not a word but I'm assuming you mean 4K content? Having 8K won't increase the rollout of 4K content, it's already rolling out as fast as it can. The manufacturers needed to jump the gun on 8K because tech like Micro-LED is still years away from market and they need to give consumers incentive to consider an upgrade.