PONZU sauce recipe - Simple, authentic and traditional - Cooking with Chef Dai

  • Published on:  4/30/2016
  • One of my favourite Japanese sauces, PONZU - a simple, authentic and traditional cooking with chef Dai recipe
    Ingredients :
    (approx 1.3 litres worth - adjust accordingly)
    Soy sauce (standard dark) x 400ml
    Lemon x 5 large (approx 300ml)
    Orange x 1 (approx 50ml)
    Yuzu seasoning x 50ml (if unavailable, use 100ml of lemon juice instead)
    Rice vinegar x 200ml
    sake x 200ml
    mirin x 200ml
    Dashi kombu x 10g
    Dried bonito flakes x large handful

    This ponzu sauce is unbelievably aromatic, flavourful and packed full of umami goodness. This traditional sauce manages to create a perfect balance between the saltiness from the soy, sourness from the rice vinegar and lemons and the sweetness from the mirin and orange.
    Ponzu is widely used across Japan and is a great accompaniment to a varied selection of dishes including seared beef steak, shabbu shabbu, grilled fish and sashimi.
    Ponzu sauce can be store bought, but this one will smash any pre-bottled sauces on the market!!!! Chef Dai will be featuring many dishes that require this sauce in the future, so why don't you give it a try? It can be stored in the fridge for months and a bottles worth will last for ages, as only a few tablespoons are required for each dish!
    Thanks for watching!!!!!