Dinah Jane - "Bottled Up" ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Marc E. Bassy (Official Video)



  • Dinah Jane
    Dinah Jane  9 months ago+11794

    SHES LIVE !!!!!!!!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ I know y’all have been waiting for ages but we needed time to get her cute and all that shiii 💕💕💕💕I love y’all to pieces #bottledupmusicvideo Get "Bottled Up" here: https://Hitco.lnk.to/BottledUp

  • Anna
    Anna 3 days ago+60

    What is her team doing? 😡 she is hot and her music is fire...why is she not getting more attention?

  • al nayem
    al nayem 6 days ago+154

    After Normani's #Motivation anyone 😉????

  • Jo
    Jo  5 months ago+912

    I honestly think that Fifth Harmony breaking up was the best thing for all of them. Now all the ladies can find their own style and really shine as themselves, not just as a collective group. They're all different people and when they were together, they weren't really acknowledged as individuals. Now all of them are finding their own voice and being recognized for themselves. I love seeing this metamorphosis that all of them have gone through from the X Factor (I think that's where they were discovered? ) to now. I think while they weren't bad as a group, it really felt like they weren't living up to their full potential. Now they can, and are able to. Same goes for relationships, romantic or platonic. If the people involved are holding each other back, even if everything else is working, the relationship won't be effective for either party, and shouldn't continue. Side note: Dinah was always my favorite! Love her! Can't wait to see what come next for her, and I wish her nothing but happiness, (same goes for the other ladies from 5th Harmony)!

  • AICooL
    AICooL 3 months ago+542

    DAMN All the members are finally doing what they were meant to! They all do their styles and DAMNNNNNNNNNNN they doing good!

  • Pilar Martinez
    Pilar Martinez 9 months ago+2504

    Is it me or she looks different than when she was on fifth harmony??
    She is like 100% herself

  • Soo.Chae.Skyes
    Soo.Chae.Skyes 6 months ago+228

    "Work from home but he gon' stay up with me"
    She's already dropping Fifth Harmony references

  • harry C.
    harry C. 6 months ago+379

    More than that 😏
    Bottled Up 👅
    Low Key ❤
    GO BUY AND STREAM THEIR NEW SONGS #HARMONIZER ... they need your help 😣😣

  • Haikal Mujahid
    Haikal Mujahid 5 months ago+449


  • Gaming With Daysyah
    Gaming With Daysyah 6 months ago+84

    Who else loved her since Fifth Harmony? Harmonizers where y'all at?

  • Douglas Pepinelli
    Douglas Pepinelli 2 months ago+73

    Dinah não deixa esse hino morrer, cadê divulgação....sai dessa equipe de merda q voce esta meu amorrrrr

  • Sals
    Sals yesterday+4

    She deserves much more than what Hitco is giving her. I am truly saddened by how they promote her. I will always be your #1 supporter DJ BUT PLEASE LEAVE THIS LABEL :( they don't deserve you and you know it. #FreeDJ

  • Aurélie Moutien
    Aurélie Moutien 5 months ago+206

    She's lit in those outfit ...and was wondering where she was after fifth harmony and im happy to see her making good sounds

  • Vee
    Vee 3 months ago+65

    Dinah is so underrated. Deserves way more attention! Keep slaying girl 🔥

    JADÉJA PETTIGREW 9 months ago+198

    Fifth Harmony was filled of pure talent 🙌❤️

  • harry C.
    harry C. 5 months ago+164

    When she releases RETROGRADE you need to stream harder !!!!
    Plssss buy, stream and share i with your family and friends !!!! 😣
    She desserves it !!!+!!

    FEITICEIRA NEGRA 3 months ago+20

    Só eu do Brasil???

  • Mawitea Pach
    Mawitea Pach 9 hours ago+2

    Who else here after FBE react to it?

  • Devaldo silva
    Devaldo silva 4 months ago+72

    I love you Dinah Jane. Brasil🇧🇷

  • cabello squad
    cabello squad 9 months ago+5821