Top 10 Greatest 3-Point Shooters in NBA History (Viewer Vote!)

  • Published on:  7/25/2015
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    Top 10 Greatest 3-Point Shooters in NBA History

    A few months ago, we posted a video ranking the top 10 3-point shooters based on their shooting percentage. This time, we let our viewers vote on who THEY think are the greatest 3-point shooters of all time. The votes are in and here are the results.

    We can't say that we completely agree with the rankings, although there were some deserving guys on here like Ray Allen, Larry Bird, and Peja Stojakovic, but for guys like Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry - it seems like it's too early in their career to list them as the greatest at anything. However, the viewers got the vote so that's all that matters.

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