India's Geography Problem

  • Published on:  12/5/2017
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  • Prerna Kuchhal
    Prerna Kuchhal 13 minutes ago

    Then what is the geography 'problem'. You just stated more advantages than disadvantages of India's geography.

  • Sabarish Kumar
    Sabarish Kumar 32 minutes ago

    Nice video .. But there was a bogus information one south Indian King invaded south east Asia using a very strong navy.His name is Rajendra Chola .Please do know about this .

  • navid ahmad
    navid ahmad 52 minutes ago

    @ 6:00 The Thar Desert border has no significance with regards to military.

  • Tony Zhang
    Tony Zhang 6 hours ago

    nepal closer to india politically? Why is Nepal's political party a communist party?

  • Anuraj Shrivastava
    Anuraj Shrivastava 9 hours ago

    India have only one problem and that is it do not have good educational system. Educate Indians. Simple.

  • Steve Reynolds
    Steve Reynolds 21 hours ago

    It's sick how religion has fucked this world up so much. Sick

  • amblincork
    amblincork 22 hours ago

    " English literacy got good" ????

  • SNEHAMOY patra
    SNEHAMOY patra 22 hours ago

    In ancient time all scientific discoveries were made in INDIA.

  • Aaron Numerouno
    Aaron Numerouno yesterday

    lol at 8:30

  • djstr0b3
    djstr0b3 yesterday

    Sri Lanka has never been a part of India. Check your facts

  • Thamus Jones
    Thamus Jones yesterday

    How good is Tandoori chicken.

  • avs rathore
    avs rathore yesterday

    My friend, you have to read this book: An era of darkness by Shashi Tharoor.

  • Rahul Koneru
    Rahul Koneru yesterday+1

    I went to a palace in Rajasthan and was told that the walls used to be lined in jewels and gold. When the British came they ripped it all out...that moment made me really sad. I wish I could've witnessed such a beautiful place the way it was intended to be seen.

  • Prranjal Shrivaastav

    One important piece left out of this documentary is that though India was divided into India and east/west paksitan, and India was supposedly meant to be a Hindu country, it was forced to become secular with muslims population allowed to stay back where as pakistan and bangladesh were allowed to become muslim only countries. So while in India muslim population was given a boost from 1947 onwards and it is predicted that by 2050 muslims in India would become the largest population of muslims in any country in the world, Hindus in pakistan, Kashmir valley and bangladesh were murdered, raped, converted and reduced, from over 30% in 1947 to 1.5% in 2015. So no this documentary does not describe the propaganda against the Hindus but only raises the selective issues. We are neither secular nor are we liberal becoz both these attributes have lead us towards destruction. Also India was quite capable of inventions on it's own, the textile production was banned in India by the British and then the textile technology was stolen away to their homeland. MK Gandhi's Charkha symbol represents the right of Indian people on textile technology that British stole from India. There are many other technologies which British and Germans stole from India. Then British stole what Germans had from the Nazis after WW2. Downfall of India begun when Indian people became tolerant of the outsiders and peaceful on their own. Had we been a colonizer, the world history would have been different, Africa would be a prosperous continent, Australia would be a country of Australian natives, none would be a Hindu but still peace loving and many native tribes would still be alive around the globe.

  • Mohsen Ahmad
    Mohsen Ahmad 2 days ago

    Was there a random photo of Montreal lol? 2:39

  • Roshan Suvarna
    Roshan Suvarna 2 days ago

    England is developed by loots gathered from India
    India is a golden bird & believe me we will once again rise....

  • surya prakash
    surya prakash 2 days ago

    Great video.. thanks. I could see good research done for this video .

  • Mythili Iyer
    Mythili Iyer 2 days ago

    You are talking of India as it is a failure. It isn't.

  • all things fascinating

    This video is opinion. It's not facts. You should mention it before all your videos.

  • Neethu U
    Neethu U 2 days ago

    Wrong at 3:01 India did have a navy and they "DID" conquor other countries...FYI Read upon Rajendra Chola 1( also known as Rajendra 1)....why r u people never complete with ur research and always coming up with false data about India...simply baffling...