Bungee Jumping with GoPro (Taiwan)

  • Published on:  5/9/2015
  • We had so much fun at our last bungee jump, we decided to get out and do it again. There is nothing like riding deep into Taiwan's mountains and jumping off a bridge in the middle of nowhere. Not only is the view fantastic, but it is definitely one of the most exciting events we have done, and we got to do it with an awesome crew of people!

    This time we went prepared. Renting a full size van, we packed all of our equipment to try and get the best shots possible. Not only that, but GoPro Taiwan was awesome enough to let us use their equipment for the event. Thanks GoPro!

    We definitely got the footage we wanted, and it was a beautiful day. Without further ado, here's all of the excitement for your viewing pleasure!

    See more pics here! http://goo.gl/BnEAz9

    Music: Fly Away by Otis McDonald