Finnegan’s BLASPHEMI - Fastest Pass EVER!

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
  • Drag Week 2018 Ep.3 brings us to the FOUR LANE WIDE dragstrip of zMax Dragway in Charlotte, NC - The trip has proven very rough for lots of competitors and we saw many more drop out throughout the day - catch up with the competition, see what it took to make the trip from Darlington to Charlotte, and see all the highlights including passes from Tom Bailey, The Dirty 30, Joe Barry, the crazy blown alcohol 57’ Wagon of Richie Crampton & Jonnie Lindberg before the hit the road to Thunder Valley in Bristol, TN

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  • jlloyd2004mcs
    jlloyd2004mcs 16 minutes ago

    14:25 is Finnegan in twenty years!!

  • ghost noisy
    ghost noisy 15 days ago

    I miss roadkill

  • Gaz Bad karma
    Gaz Bad karma 15 days ago

    id love yo see farmtruck doing drag week

  • Scott H
    Scott H 1 months ago

    Go look at that time slip your wife has a headache

  • ragnheiður júlíusdóttir

    hi later manages a 8.97..dont know when that was exactly but saw it in another video

  • PastBlast
    PastBlast 1 months ago

    Congrats to Finnegan! That car is so cool! Love listening to him shift.

  • Seth Bergile
    Seth Bergile 2 months ago

    When I first started working at a speedshop and realized what fast cars really were (1999). A 9 sec car was so unstreetable you couldn't go around the block without spending a day setting up. It is crazy how fast these cars are!!! Oh and we all thought the new LS motors that just came out were junk!! Lol

  • Lucas
    Lucas 2 months ago

    Can someone tell me who owns that Volvo 240

  • Kuldeep Giri
    Kuldeep Giri 2 months ago

    He money shifted

  • Capone Driver
    Capone Driver 2 months ago

    Capone 8.94 @152!!

  • Richard Noggin
    Richard Noggin 2 months ago

    That 57 Chevy wagon was a fuckin monster!

  • scrubbin627
    scrubbin627 2 months ago

    Is Finnegan's car still NA?

  • outsidescrewball
    outsidescrewball 2 months ago


  • adam fowles
    adam fowles 2 months ago

    Click bait

  • Waas
    Waas 2 months ago

    9:12 Cresta!! MCM and Skid Factory boys doing those Aussies proud.

  • Fix it Force Morrissey


  • Steven Ecklund
    Steven Ecklund 2 months ago

    He really needs to do a Ghostbusters theme with that wagon* lol

  • falconater68
    falconater68 2 months ago

    Benny needs a trans brake.

  • Erik Garcia
    Erik Garcia 2 months ago

    Mechanical stig!!!!

  • Andrew Kauffman
    Andrew Kauffman 2 months ago

    Using fsm thunder to get views 👎 his content is way better.