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    FilmSelect Trailer  9 months ago+305

    00:03 Jurassic World
    02:26 Rampage
    04:51 Ready Player One
    07:15 Alita Battle Angel
    09:01 Annihilation
    10:41 Deadpool 2
    10:54 Avengers Infinity War
    13:18 Black Panther
    15:35 Pacific Rim 2
    17:53 Maze Runner 3

  • cíntia reis
    cíntia reis 5 hours ago

    The best movies in this video are "Alita Battle Angel" and Maze Runner: The Death Cure (not maze runner 3). And the best thing is that the girl who plays Alita is in Maze Runner too.

  • Vadim K
    Vadim K yesterday

    Not a single Sci Fi

  • Te'Marion Marshall
    Te'Marion Marshall 4 days ago

    A giant crocodile

  • Dashrath Mhatre
    Dashrath Mhatre 7 days ago

    Jurassic world, rampage, ready player one, avengers anything else Pacific rim most powerful movies I like it.!!!

  • Alucard NoLifeKing
    Alucard NoLifeKing 11 days ago

    Annihilation rly was good. The ending made a big cliffhanger tho...

  • Shazeb khan
    Shazeb khan 17 days ago

    Check out these scifi movies
    They are really worth watching.

  • Veaceslav Cușter
    Veaceslav Cușter 19 days ago

    Very bad 2018 year.

  • ofer612
    ofer612 20 days ago

    Pacific Rim: Uprising was so bad it ruined the first movie for me.

  • Shutter Eff3ct
    Shutter Eff3ct 1 months ago

    Deadpool 2, SCIENCE FICTION?

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott 1 months ago+1

    Can't wait for next STARWARS MOVIE hint hint :) in the last jedi -
    The kid on the planet as the ship leaves flys across screen he holdS broom up like a sabor :) good ending :) (@@) keep the force people

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott 1 months ago

    ok what's happens in jurassic world is this they get chased by a dinosaur and there's lots more running involved & dinos screaming where's my dinna :) haaa

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott 1 months ago

    JUST BECAUSE KIDS CANT VOTE DON'T MAKE WALLY-E not a 9/10 hit movie says grandpa watched it 10 times :) good movie
    " it's a bit like we're all alone in the world and it tickle a spot in my heart
    these sci fi movies alone typo's on mars a distant planet- island adventure are a great - just change the story it :)

  • Boostík Cz
    Boostík Cz 1 months ago

    Guardians of Jurassic World? Awsome!

  • Topgun God
    Topgun God 1 months ago+1

    Africans with a city and advanced technology? Only in a fictional movie. Africans never built anything that wouldn't disintegrate in one generation.

  • Lock Smart
    Lock Smart 1 months ago

    10:59 mark FLAT EARTH

  • Not the real
    Not the real 1 months ago


  • Everyday Demilo
    Everyday Demilo 1 months ago

    Ready Player One best movie i ever watched!

  • kavi latch
    kavi latch 1 months ago


  • Mortimer Snurd
    Mortimer Snurd 1 months ago

    Ready player one should be called Grand Theft Auto The Next Generation.