Animals That ESCAPED From The Zoo!

  • Published on:  9/19/2019
  • Check out these Animals That ESCAPED From The Zoo! From lions on the run in town to rhinos that broke loose, this top 10 list of zoo animals escaping their enclosure will amaze you!

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    10. Get Back Here, Gorilla!
    When it comes to our primate friends, it’s really incredible how similiar we are to them in some ways. It's not just size or that they have the ability to do things like humans, they're also incredibly intelligent. Such is the case with Evelyn and Jim from the Los Angeles Zoo, who are quite the escape artists, and show it off quite frequently.

    9. Fly, Flamingo!
    Flamingos are very interesting creatures when you think about it. From their pink feathers, to standing on one leg and their crazy habitats, they're very unique creatures. So it's not a surprise that we love to see them at the zoo, they are a stando out attraction.

    8. Escape and Regret
    Raccoons get a bad rap, I'm saying it right now. Yeah, they rummage through the trash, and they'll attack if provoked, but they're actually pretty clever creatures who should be respected. Case in point, let me tell you about a raccoon named Misty. Misty was in the Tropiquaria Zoo in Somerset, England.

    7. The Lion Queen
    There are many animals that can escape from zoos and not be harmful to the human population, but what about Lions though? Yeah, they're not one of them. For even when declawed, they can still hurt people. So imagine the horror that Disney park goers felt back in the 90's when a lioness escaped her cage and started to walk among the grounds.

    6. Penguin's Gotta Do...
    You might think that certain creatures wouldn't be capable of breaking free from the containment of a zoo, but where there's a will, there's a way. Such is the case for Penguin 337 at the Tokyo Sea Life Park back in 2012. On a personal note, why in the world would you name a penguin that? That's just mean.

    5. Come For Love, Leave For Freedom
    Here's a fun tale for you. In India, a wild tiger had actually come onto the grounds of the Nandankanan Zoo. Why? Well, it apparently could sense the presence of a tigress, and wanted to mate with her. Though scared at first, who wouldn't be, they allowed the tiger into the pen.

    4. Gored Through The Heart, And You're To Blame
    What's more ironic than a tiger entering a zoo for love? How about a rhino busting out of one because of heartbreak? That's exactly what happened at the Monarto Zoo near Adelaide in South Australia. His name was Satara, and he had a mate within the zoo there.

    3. I'm on the hunt I'm after you...
    If you don't know, I love wolves, there's just something about them that is so impressive! But I also have to admit that I'd rather see a wolf from a very, very safe distance, maybe a zoo, than run into one. Or more importantly, especially not on the streets of Los Angeles.

    2. Monkeying Around Town
    In 1935, Long Island found itself the source of a serious epidemic. But not a disease, but rather, they were plagued with monkeys! No, I'm serious, they are called Rhesus monkeys, and they were kept at a exotic animal part, one that was run legendary animal collector Frank Buck.

    1. The Escape Artist
    I've shown you a lot of animals who have escaped their pens, and many of them have escaped multiple times. But when it comes to Ken Allen, he's in a league of his own. Who's Ken Allen? Well, he was an orangutan that lived in the San Diego Zoo back in 1985.