Gordon Ramsay Makes SPAM Scrambled Eggs in Hawaii | Scrambled



  • KingtoaGod
    KingtoaGod 7 days ago+3660

    Day 5 Waiting For Gordon Ramsey to teach Eminem how to make Moms Spaghetti

  • balonsius
    balonsius 3 days ago+80

    I should stop watching these videos at 2 am when im hungry

  • Yoshi gamer
    Yoshi gamer 7 days ago+1393

    The other guy: talking about spam
    Gordon: chops faster and louder

  • King Tony Lucatero
    King Tony Lucatero 7 days ago+443

    Gordon- "Describe yours please"
    The Homie- "I have uhh"
    Gordon- " I have the most amazing spam scrambled eggs ever" lmfao

  • Big Steve, The Killer
    Big Steve, The Killer 7 days ago+327

    What did you do today? Cooked scrambled eggs with Gordon Ramsay... Dope lifestyle.

  • Jack T
    Jack T 7 days ago+3146

    Is this whole series just gordon making scrambled eggs and omelettes ? I am so here for this

  • Juniorr Lopez
    Juniorr Lopez 5 days ago+109

    Other chef: its legal now here ...well get some later
    Gordan: "dosnt says anything" but didn't say no

  • georgegotjokes
    georgegotjokes 2 days ago+10

    Gordon always looks like he’s in a rush lmao

  • stefanie yamamoto
    stefanie yamamoto 6 days ago+146

    The guy Ramsay is cooking with is Sheldon Simeon! He made it to the last three in Top Chef Season 10 and is the most humblest guy ever. One of my favorite seasons. Go watch it!

  • Tizzler king
    Tizzler king 7 days ago+317

    Mum: wyd its 3am
    Me: watching Gordon Ramsay make scrambled eggs and spam

  • Samy Bouzaglo
    Samy Bouzaglo yesterday+3

    Flies enters Gordon's pan
    Gordon Ramsey: Another source of protein, amazing

  • The_Almighty_Baconator
    The_Almighty_Baconator 7 days ago+146

    Don't you mean SPAMBLED EGGS??

  • Saitama - Chan
    Saitama - Chan 4 days ago+62

    I love the hawaiian dudes respect always saying yes chef and hes so humble

  • Gary Jones
    Gary Jones yesterday+3

    Ramsey has been cooking for so long he automatically moves like he working a crowd rush 😂😂😂😂

  • Thor Swenson
    Thor Swenson 7 days ago+1940

    This video was actually filmed in Hawaii. Sadly, the microphone was in San Diego.

  • Ek'Aay Cloudyoni
    Ek'Aay Cloudyoni 2 days ago+15

    I want Gordon to show us how to make the scramble egg with uni

  • Chee_Ezy
    Chee_Ezy 3 days ago+53

    Gordon Ramsay: don't blink this is going to be the fastest scrambled eggs you'll ever see.
    10 minutes later... stil waiting 😂

  • Drex Hammer 7
    Drex Hammer 7 4 days ago+26

    gordan just has no filter huh??
    he is genuinely a good guy, he just can't stand dumb*sses huh

  • rick mann
    rick mann 15 hours ago+2

    Gordon Ramsay video FAIL for the first time❗

  • Hello ImBasic
    Hello ImBasic 7 days ago+1859

    I sleep easier at night knowing somewhere in the world Gordon Ramsay is making scrambled eggs