Race in America: You Are NOT Black (Here's Why)

  • Published on:  9/9/2019
  • Negro, Colored, Black, African American, ADOS (the list goes on). What is the true identity of those claiming to be of the "black" race in America? Specifically why isn't it "black".

    Dr. Jose Pimienta Bey goes in depth to substantiate the title, "You are NOT black", exposing the little known negative psychological, legal and spiritual effects of identifying as black when it comes to their race & ethnicity.

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    0:00 0 | Intro - Black Power?
    1:30 1 | Thinking in Terms of Color
    4:37 2 | White vs Black
    9:06 3 | Moor vs Black
    13:42 4 | Nationality "The Order of The Day"

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