Cinemassacre Channel Update 2020

  • Published on:  8/7/2020
  • Cinemassacre Channel Update 2020 Recap: I hope everyone is safe and sound! Thanks for watching during all of this, it means a lot to all of us. That said, we need to make a few changes with everything going on in the world. James and Mike Monday is on hiatus until February. Rental Reviews is cancelled, but the RR guys (Justin, Kieran, Tony) will be working behind the scenes and will guest-host some upcoming videos. There will be more random videos (like music videos and scripted reviews), plus monthly AVGN and YKWBS. The new release schedule is every Tuesday and Friday at Noon EST. Conventions and any films we were planning are getting pushed back, but my book should make a lot of headway this year. The new AVGN video game will come out this fall sometime on all systems. 🎮 Add "AVGN 1+2 Deluxe" to your Steam Wishlist:

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