Shipping Container Home in Edmonton, Canada by Copperblock Capital

  • Published on:  10/10/2019
  • Edmonton’s First Shipping Container Home by Copperblock Capital in Queen Alexandra, Canada. In this video, we bring you an amazing family house built with 6 shipping containers in Edmonton, Canada. Stay tuned to find out more about this modern container home. This two-story house on an infill site is the first Shipping Container Home in Queen Alexandra area built by Edmonton-based real estate Development Company Copperblock Capital built using 6 forty foot high cube shipping containers. The shipping containers are perched 3 on 3, in a boxed out design creating a total of 2100 sq.ft of luxury living. The original shipping containers are nine feet, six inches tall and eight feet wide so the house doesn’t feel tight or like the space is too small. The containers are stack on top of each other with an in ground floor, the container at the entrance is cut-out at the front to create a sheltered entrance porch to the house. The containers are welded to each other, but also to a 64-millimeter thick steel plate. Extra posts and beams also are welded to the structure. The containers sit on a concrete foundation which raises the house above the ground level and also serves as the basement to the house. Both inside and out, there is very little evidence that this is a shipping container house. The interior and the exterior walls were framed, filled with spray foam insulation and dry-walled, almost none of the corrugated container walls are visible. Edmonton’s First Shipping Container Home by Copperblock Capital in Queen Alexandra, Canada.

    This beautiful home was listed by TheEspositoteam and was sold within days for $735,000.

    Check listing here:

    Project Summary.
    Developer: Copperblock Capital Corporation
    Location: Edmonton, Canada
    Salient Features: 3 bedrooms, living room, and kitchen
    Listing Agents: TheEspositoteam
    Selling Price: $735,000
    Habitable Space: 2,100 sq. ft.
    Completion Date: 2019
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    Photos Credits courtesy of: , Copperblock Capital Corporation


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