Ashley DRAGS Pressley Out Of Rehearsal | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 7

  • Published on:  7/9/2019
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  • Maria Villagomez
    Maria Villagomez 1 months ago+2197

    are we all just going to ignore "broadway bitchhh" ??!? Lol

  • Chrissy Ss
    Chrissy Ss 1 months ago+1725

    It’s sad that Pressley was crying and touching her body saying she can’t change it and stuff she shouldn’t be feeling like that I think Abby should be a little less. Tough because Pressley is a good dancer but Pressley was also correct saying they where just corrections

  • Thea Seed
    Thea Seed 1 months ago+2699

    This is a scary road to an eating disorder. I think this mom is picking up on something that Abby could possibly cause

  • Renee Simpson
    Renee Simpson 1 months ago+894

    call GiaNina a brat but actually she’s the sweetest for trying to comfort Presley

  • Ryan Cooper
    Ryan Cooper 1 months ago+1261

    Is everyone gonna ignore the paper on Joanne’s back?!

  • Leanne Pesht
    Leanne Pesht 1 months ago+639

    Abby should really watch what she says. These girls have insta and probably are seeing ads for weight loss or fat burners all day. I can tell Pressley will have body image issues later even now. She’s still young. I just wish Abby wouldn’t be a bitch

  • Mek-Anne Channel
    Mek-Anne Channel 1 months ago+800

    Im serious when Pressley was crying then suddenly Joanne's back has a 'broadway btch' omg! I laugh so hard for that. ✌

  • Jessica Mellinger
    Jessica Mellinger 1 months ago+804

    this is sad to watch bc abby is just making comments on pressley's body. sure she can work on flexibility and straightening her knee but there's no way she can perfect in it a day and thats not fair for abby wanting her to be perfect before that solo goes on stage. and yes, eventually some of the comments can get to her and develop an eating disorder or her feeling super insecure about her body. abby tells all the other moms to watch their mouths, but really she should think more about how her words hurt too.

  • DavidRagan3134
    DavidRagan3134 1 months ago+372

    This was actually sad to watch! I like Pressley and honestly, I've warmed up to Ashley too. She looks like the stereotypical stage mom, but she is usually portrayed as being reasonable.

  • DSTY
    DSTY 1 months ago+556

    "You would not clean your garage looking like that"
    That is so mean and rude!

  • just call me Jess z
    just call me Jess z 1 months ago+391

    It's one thing to "criticize' a knee not being straight. Even to say she is a hot mess. Even saying she is mediocre. But saying she isn't gonna show them "those thighs".
    No. No. No. Just F No!!!
    First, Abby needs to go back and watch Presley's unaired solo.
    And then look at herself before bashing a CHILD'S BODY. ugh.
    I know drama sells TV. But either Abby is an A hole or Lifetime is. No way around that
    Kinda like the remark about Chloe's eye. Come the F on

  • Alexandcat xx
    Alexandcat xx 1 months ago+175

    When Presley was on top of the pyramid a couple of weeks ago and didn’t get any credit. Now she’s getting called a mediocre dancer which is so unfair. Presley is an incredible hip hop dancer, she just isn’t getting the opportunities to showcase that.

  • Something Special
    Something Special 1 months ago+109

    Chloe’s eye 2.0 ?? This is ridiculous!!! How could a grown adult ever make comments about a child? I understand wanting to critique someone about a bent leg or whatever but there was stuff that she couldn’t fix right that second , and if she has got worse since when she was at the audition, surely that means that Abby is a bad teacher because she’s been with her since then.

  • Kenzie ALDC
    Kenzie ALDC 1 months ago+346

    Pressley is literally my favorite based on personality ❤️🥳

  • Angel XxxX
    Angel XxxX 1 months ago+85

    Anybody else getting Kira vibes?

  • Ellie Marie
    Ellie Marie 1 months ago+97

    There is NOTHING wrong with her body I feel so freaking bad for her :(

  • Laura Bisson
    Laura Bisson 1 months ago+177

    The whole thigh thing could lead to a serious disorder; miss Abby hasn’t changed a bit, still the horrible person she always was

  • Alina Reybey
    Alina Reybey 1 months ago+115

    I just wanted to give that poor kid a hug. 😭💔

  • Damian Hodges
    Damian Hodges 1 months ago+114

    Ashley: no one is going to treat my daughter like that.
    Ashley: comes back next week.

  • Sonia Jara
    Sonia Jara 1 months ago+99

    Poor Pressley😭😭😭😭😭She is my favorite dancer. I feel soooo bad for her.