Omarosa Escorted Out Of White House

  • Published on:  12/13/2017
  • It appears Trump has fired Omarosa Manigault... for a third time. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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    “Former reality TV star Omarosa Manigault Newman, who was fired this week from her job as a Trump White House aide, reportedly was tempted to quit the Trump administration this past summer over her frustration with President Donald Trump’s handling of neo-Nazi rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    An unnamed “White House official” tells BuzzFeed that Omarosa had grown increasingly “fed up” with the way Trump and his administration handle racially charged issues — and she was apparently frustrated at being the only woman of color in Trump’s White House.

    “She struggled with being an African-American senior staffer, with all the racial incidents in the White House, and I think it was starting to weigh on her,” the source explained.

    Trump has a long history of making racist statements — such as his remark that Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s “Mexican” heritage prevented him from being able to fairly preside over the Trump University lawsuit — but Omarosa has nonetheless stood by him publicly until her firing this week.

    BuzzFeed’s source also said that the Trump White House was a “draining” place to work because it always seemed to flail wildly from one crisis to the next.”

    Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

    Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  • Celeste Snyder
    Celeste Snyder 4 days ago+1

    Omaroosa only cares about herself. The only thing she follows is the money.

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen 11 days ago

    All lies lies lies by Trump Admin........if u read her book..
    Trump did not fire her...Kelly did....

  • rvvrn
    rvvrn 11 days ago

    You guys don't even have your facts straight. Long before The Apprentice Omarosa, worked for the Clinton say "she didn't earn her position in the White House" is clearly a lack of effort on something so simple to fact check. Zero credibility is my stance on your show.

  • Dug Mun
    Dug Mun 15 days ago

    I wonder when the White house will install a Garbage Shoot, that you throw the garbage down , it goes down a slid and into the furnace! 180 Grand per yr.... try and get a job with so little work as you did in the WH, and get that sort of pay?... Grandstanding? Wanting to sell out for all expecting fame? such a looser...

  • Purplerain897 Purplerain897

    omarosa got the last laugh. and I don't evern like her.

  • Hairy TennisBall
    Hairy TennisBall 28 days ago+1

    Hit the nail on the head

  • Tim Borch
    Tim Borch 29 days ago

    If Cenk is against Omarosa, she has no friends.

  • Tim Borch
    Tim Borch 29 days ago+1

    Omarosa needs other blacks to be around

  • Daniele Jeanty
    Daniele Jeanty 29 days ago

    You want me to answer that question ? A person that is multi task .woos.

  • Daniele Jeanty
    Daniele Jeanty 29 days ago

    First of all a job is a job you keep it professional . But she has the right to give opinion & that differ from when working. You people need to stop dragging a black women all of you biast

  • Karla Young
    Karla Young 29 days ago+1

    Omarosa needs to tell lies just to sell her book she knows she was doing wrong in the WH she is a bully and know one likes her.

  • Karla Young
    Karla Young 29 days ago+2

    I dont believe Trump said the N word with so many lies being told about Trump you can't believe anything the news says.

  • Tim Borch
    Tim Borch a months ago+1

    Her book is a dud.

  • Ban Radical islam
    Ban Radical islam 1 months ago

    *Hillary Clinton* gave 20% of USA uranium to *Russia* in exchanger for $145 million. Who is evil and has committed crimes?

  • reynaldo flores
    reynaldo flores 1 months ago+1

    it took hillary 23 years for her racist self to show , omarosa 1 year

  • Ben
    Ben 1 months ago+3

    Omarosa was smart to make tapes. Listen to all the lies the media purported to blaspheme her. She is taking them don one by one.

  • Ben
    Ben 1 months ago+2

    Omarosa stands above all as she is so thick-skinned. Amidst the hate, she is surviving and winning. You just have to give it up to her. You all hate her and coerce others to hate her but she is making a living for herself.
    Give her a break! Y'all are not righteous.

    RA DRAVEN 1 months ago+1

    well if you are all trumpets you will blow trump ets all your life born racist die racists MFS...

  • teesha foster
    teesha foster 1 months ago+3

    I don't know her but as a black woman I see her as shit! Go somewhere far far away!!!!!

  • Tai Lu
    Tai Lu 1 months ago+4

    its so bad when both side despise her