Respawn Answers Apex Legends Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED



  • Cameron Killin 2 months ago

    Finding out Arthur's name was the most important thing in this video.

  • MSK SkyTrrZ yesterday


  • Jessica Alburn 1 months ago


  • Marcellius ok. 2 months ago

    *People who’ve never played Apex ask questions about Apex

  • "Bloodhounds a woman does this look close?"

  • Smokealotapotamus _ 13 days ago

    *_"Is there a black person in this game?"_*

  • Zippy 3000 2 months ago

    Anyone: *asks question*Drew: sorry but we don’t have anything to announce

  • Tierjar 2 months ago

    What is with these questions, can i shoot and slide? bruh did you even open the game?

  • Malieke Warner yesterday

    my life is a lie your comment is underrated

  • SquidWorldd 6 days ago

    Tierjar can I walk when I play the game?

  • Hunter 707 2 months ago

    This guy has 3 responses 1: keep on playing2:we haven’t commented on this yet3: stay tuned!

  • One3hundred WDB 19 days ago

    And the birds name is Arther

  • leland townsend 26 days ago

    well he can't give out info or hints to future updates

  • Masked X 2 months ago

    Really there wasn't a question to why you don't get Apex packs after Lvl 100 im triggered

  • Im was mad that o can't get any crafting metals

  • Malieke Warner yesterday

    FASHION VICTIM I’m at like level 120 an I didn’t get one since level 100

  • The Gaming Skull 2 months ago

    Bloodhound's Bird : YoU GoT SoME MONeY FoR Me BOAH ?

  • XiTo Gaming 5 days ago

    Brooo currently playing through RDR2 and this made me laugh crying bc I legit just played that part 😂😂

  • SirKitten the 5th 14 days ago

    @Røsa_melano ! I don't know if you get the reference

  • TheFlashGhost32 2 months ago

    ,,I love loot" That line, it like I heard it before, like a robot said it once...

  • Mossie Haywire 1 months ago

    Hm that smile on his chestOh it’s clap tra-

  • Aaron Cadena 2 months ago

    omgwhats the point of choosing all the questions you cant answer lmao

  • Aaron Cadena 2 months ago

    @Mauricio Tapia that cleared it up greatly, thanks for the link

  • xCayne 2 months ago

    @Oscar Díaz i get what youre saying, but it shouldnt be too difficult to explain a futute update while also giving a realistic time frame. Such as, "The new update will be adding leaderboards and it will go live next week" transparency is key to success though. No one likes to be in the dark and not know whats gonna happen.

  • Vortex141979 2 months ago

    Can we get a Chappie skin for Pathfinder?

  • MSK SkyTrrZ yesterday

    i want a terminator skin that would be cool then mirage could be Arnold

  • Malieke Warner yesterday

    Azma ze don’t you dare say that about pathie