Future "Codeine Crazy" (WSHH Premiere - Official Music Video)



  • Joshua Medley
    Joshua Medley 4 hours ago

    This song is on GTA V 😄

  • Gregory Stevensh
    Gregory Stevensh 6 hours ago+1

    Man I got a love hate relationship with this song. Back when it came out it reminded me of myself when I was hooked on xans. Listened to this every time I was high. I’m clean now but it brings back the good memories I wish I never made

  • Stafock Hyde
    Stafock Hyde 8 hours ago+2

    Who came back after listening to The Wizard and tought this nigga is the Goat 🔥

  • Sxp
    Sxp 13 hours ago+1

    Gta ?

    SAPBoi KADS 15 hours ago

    Still Rocking out singing EVERY WORD. 2K19

  • Buttboy Button
    Buttboy Button 21 hours ago

    Gta 5 song baby

  • Eric Torres
    Eric Torres yesterday

    I feel so much pain in this song. Gets me in my feelings as well, gets me thinking

  • Cam Cox
    Cam Cox yesterday

    Finna be 4 years

  • Ethan R
    Ethan R yesterday

    So so good

  • Christopher Brathwaite

    I'm just in feeling with this song ,no cap!

  • Kent Khalifa
    Kent Khalifa yesterday

    I came here cause a friend of mine showed a sextape of two people that we know and the background this song was playing 😏💯

  • Raiyan Amin
    Raiyan Amin yesterday

    who here from blonded fm GTA V?

  • Jesper Wolke
    Jesper Wolke yesterday+1

    One of the best songs ever made don’t @ me

  • Duante Fulmore
    Duante Fulmore yesterday

    Put this on Apple Music 😔

  • Lucas Gama
    Lucas Gama 2 days ago

    The Future I Like...

  • Sloth Kiing420
    Sloth Kiing420 2 days ago

    Future hurtin 4 years later all the youth done grown up drinkin out the bottle 💧☂️

  • JOSH
    JOSH 2 days ago


  • King KB 7Mile
    King KB 7Mile 2 days ago

    2019 had a party and this song had em geek'd up!!! Who still listen RITE NOW

  • FixHit
    FixHit 2 days ago

    Man future can’t rap for shit

  • _xcursion_
    _xcursion_ 2 days ago

    Same beat as lil 24