Future "Codeine Crazy" (WSHH Premiere - Official Music Video)



  • EVO_KILLER_619 3 years ago

    u can fail a drug test listening to FUTURE

  • FrenchDreamTv 14 days ago

    EVO_KILLER_619 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elijah 5 months ago

    Any 2019'rs bumpin to this?

  • ChrisS82 3 days ago

    @Ladybug a bump is what you call a small amount of cocaine, crystal meth, angel dust, PCP basically anything snortable that's a drug. it is called a bump because you don't have time to put out a big line they take your car keys dip in the bag and put it in your nose

  • ChrisS82 3 days ago

    Tired of people asking this question. just because this song came out 2015 you can't listen to in 2019 like it's some forbidden thing. I mean damn. So in every video when a song is older you see this shit. Good music never gets old I'll be listening to this in the year 2030 if I'm alive.

  • vr 4 months ago

    its a rainy night and you just driving around on your zentorno...

  • NerfedRaccoon 3 days ago

    the feeling just isn't the same when zentorno is replaced with op flying missile bike

  • Hassan Rizvan 3 days ago

    straight fax my blood

  • Michael Moore 6 months ago

    This song is literally his greatest song ever

  • Brendan Joyce 2 days ago

    Idk about y'all but evol prolly my favorite not because their his best songs but its one of his albums were every.single.song BANGS 🔥 🔥

  • @fuccwitmeuknowigotit http://chng.it/4ck5pQQQBS

  • Cleetus 2 months ago

    this banger not on spotify, google play, apple music. but on gta v. wtf

  • Santiago Figueroa 5 days ago

    Cleetus it’s on tidal. So is every other mixtape

  • Tyga's Shooter 10 days ago

    @MVGTA bet

  • alberto salchichon 2 months ago

    This song not being on future’s Spotify is like the Big Mac not on McDonald’s menu

  • http://chng.it/4ck5pQQQBS

  • Veli Masa 8 days ago

    True words

  • Thezk77 5 months ago

    Someone start a change.org to put this on spotify

  • http://chng.it/4ck5pQQQBS

  • The Mazapan Pusha 9 days ago

    @Playboi Carti’s Intern Then pay for it, trappin out the bandwidth is 2010

  • AcidGotRiight  1 months ago

    You know it’s a good day when you hear this song in your car on GTA 5

  • Yung Lettuce a minute ago

    Adrian Del Favero they added it in December 2017

  • Anthony Krayev 3 days ago

    MVGTA blonded los santos

  • Gabriel Lai 4 months ago

    ngl people that hate the new album probably never liked this

  • Baus From Space 10 days ago

    For real.. I don't think they even listened to "Never Stop".

  • Javier Jimenez 14 days ago

    @Samolufemi This comment section is where my people at lol I share the same feel

  • Orion's Watchers 2 months ago

    This one rips through your soul. It's way way deeper than just music.

  • CheeseIsOverRated 8 days ago

    @catherine that and its just metaphorically depressing. No matter how much excess and luxury there's always a void to be filled.

  • catherine 10 days ago

    agreed, once you really read into the lyrics it's seriously a cry for help from a nihilistic addict living a life of hedonism. mumbly trap can still be profound in more ways than one.