iOS 12 Review! Finally Released, Should You Update?



  • Daormen Odrallag
    Daormen Odrallag 4 days ago

    Sounds like SQUIDWARD!😒

  • Emdadur Ruhuman
    Emdadur Ruhuman 5 days ago

    nice App

  • Josh Sharpe
    Josh Sharpe 5 days ago

    Hey guys send your suggestions to Apple here

  • xchoijax
    xchoijax 6 days ago

    guys help! My phone is still on ios 10 now i wanted to update it to 11 but everytime i go to software update it just shows ios 12, can i not update to ios 11 anymore?

  • HumaYun Sakib
    HumaYun Sakib 6 days ago

    ios 12 have the worst ibook ever...

  • RealDaJuan
    RealDaJuan 7 days ago

    I'm a faithful android Note 9 user but I love watching apple products and software 😍 pure to the eyes as ios is very legendary 👊

  • Macintosh Fan
    Macintosh Fan 9 days ago

    Samsung fan? 8:38

  • #JPCovers 050901
    #JPCovers 050901 12 days ago

    Im still at ios 9 in my 3 year old iphone 5s. Should I update or not? I need an advice please?

  • Austin Rhymes
    Austin Rhymes 12 days ago

    Will it drain my battery on a 8+ to upgrade to a 12?

  • Vince Dichoso
    Vince Dichoso 14 days ago

    Those features are already on the previous iOS version🙄🙄

  • Vortex Falcon
    Vortex Falcon 18 days ago

    I accidentally updated iOS 12 at night

  • metty 214
    metty 214 18 days ago

    how did you get the iphone xs max before it was reasled. and also how do you get iphones before there annouced

  • Jerand Macapagal
    Jerand Macapagal 19 days ago

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  • Mr. Rapper
    Mr. Rapper 21 days ago

    My iPhone is out of country so i can update new version any prblm ? Rply plz

  • Whocadikar Wallamos
    Whocadikar Wallamos 25 days ago

    I have a question everythingapplepro why is the time different on your iPhone X and IPhone 8

  • Who Am i?
    Who Am i? 27 days ago

    Im using 5s should i update it???

    DANIEL SCIENCE 2 27 days ago

    Hahah I love these vids

  • Faze Xlexer
    Faze Xlexer 29 days ago

    Sub pls

  • Harvey Lee
    Harvey Lee 1 months ago

    When turn off wifi using short cut, it will turn on automaticly in the next day, so annoying.

  • Elene Thelander
    Elene Thelander 1 months ago

    I am kinda thankful that they have the screen time, cause I really need it 😂