Know Before You Go To Belize

  • Published on:  1/31/2019
  • Planning a trip to Belize? Don't miss these important travel tips before you go. My fiancé and I spent 12 days in Belize at the end of 2018. We visited San Ignacio, Placencia, and Caye Caulker. We also crossed the border to Guatemala for a quick visit to Tikal National Park. If it's your first time heading to Belize, these 23 travel tips cover some of the top things I wish I knew before we went. Already familiar with Belize? Add your own tips in the comments below.

    UPDATE: I have addressed any comments relating to drones in Belize, pronouncing things wrong, and calling Belize "third-world" instead of a "developing" country, so if I don't respond to your comment about any of those things, that's why. I will continue to grow and learn from my mistakes. This is my first travel tips video, and travel film ( I look forward to making more. Thanks for your support! More travel tips to come.

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    00:00 - Intro
    00:40 - When to Go
    01:27 - Language (Native is Belizean Creole)
    01:56 - Wine
    02:20 - Belize City
    02:43 - AirBnB
    03:01 - WiFi
    03:19 - Renting a Car
    03:55 - 4x4 Vehicles
    04:32 - Speed Bumps
    05:16 - Money
    05:30 - Withdrawing Cash
    05:45 - Hummingbird Highway
    06:10 - Barquedier Waterfall
    06:28 - Blue Hole National Park
    07:01 - Caves
    07:42 - ATM Cave Tour
    09:03 - San Ignacio Farmers Market
    09:22 - Water Taxis
    09:52 - Boat Tours
    10:22 - Caye Caulker
    11:06 - Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce
    11:32 - Crossing the Border to Guatemala
    13:33 - Tikal National Park
    14:43 - Outro

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    Brady Skye Bigalke is an American filmmaker, traveler, and tailwheel pilot based in St. Augustine. With a passion for storytelling and the outdoors, his films are mostly travel or aviation related and recently include elements of docu-fiction, adventure, and comedy. Tag along and join the adventure as he explores our beautiful planet on-and-off the beaten path. Adventure is out there!