Get Ready With Me | First Day of Highschool

  • Published on:  8/31/2017
  • heyyyooo
    so today's video is a get ready with me or grwm for short for my first day of highschool! my first day morning routine is almost always the same at least since middle school but you guys requested this video so here it is!!

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    ✖ 15 years old
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    ✖ north carolina
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    ✖ canon 70d
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    ✖ final cut pro x

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    hello friends!! so monday was my first day of school and i'm posting this video now because ya know i gotta stick to the upload schedule. also i think i'm going to start posting on mondays instead of sundays and i was wondering for my second upload day if i should still post on thursdays or would you guys want a different day? let me know down below because you guys have literally all the answers to any of my problems?!?! i dont know how you do it but i'm not complaining...

    if you see this comment when you go/went back to school