Hot Cold Food Vs. Cold Hot Food Taste Test

  • Published on:  5/13/2019
  • What happens when we switch up classic hot and cold foods?! GMM #1545
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  • John Andrei Pineda (6 days ago)

    Do "Wet Dry Foods vs Dry Wet foods"

  • SPRjgrav (5 hours ago)

    Yes plz

  • hailey (6 hours ago)

    Victoria Victoria jello powder

  • GoldSkull (5 days ago)

    "It's better than you giving her bone broth""its not broth"-Rhett 2019

  • Edit _ Central (14 hours ago)

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Caleb Neft (16 hours ago)

    GoldSkull they have to be swingers

  • Mayowa Lajide (5 days ago)

    Link: dips congealed fat in hot spriteRhett: *stares uncomfortably* That was not necessary

  • Javelin Melody (1 day ago) is necessary

  • Deano the beano (3 days ago)

    +Beastmode-YT yup...

  • Sara Rahimpour (6 days ago)

    No one:Not a single soul:Rhett: yOu kNoW iN sWitZeRLaNd

  • Palp Wf (12 hours ago)

    Sara Rahimpour Yuck

  • Victory Screech2 (3 days ago)

    Should have done “cold hot chocolate” VS “hot chocolate milk”

  • kindred reeb (3 hours ago)

    ....... sigh

  • SPRjgrav (5 hours ago)

    My disappointment

  • NWinnStudio (6 days ago)

    *Link* discovered he prefers hot food. *Rhett* once again realizes he just like to eat food _period..._

  • Javelin Melody (1 day ago)

    We all do

  • NWinnStudio (4 days ago)

    Oh wao, thanks for all the likes everyone! Much Mythical love!~ ♥

  • Grace 19k (6 days ago)

    Rhett: unwraps the whopper nice Link: just throws it everywhere 😂

  • cannedcatfood (5 days ago)

    Haha! That made me laugh too!

  • TheHomey NowUKnowMe (6 days ago)

    *"I'm a cold clam chowder in the streets, and a hot coleslaw in the sheets!"**~Link 2019*

  • Javelin Melody (1 day ago)

    Im a both chowder

  • Michael Farrell (2 days ago)

    No quotes will be better than a YouTuber by the name noble

  • Nadine xoxo (6 days ago)

    Rhett 2018: So, Community College..Rhett 2019: So, In Switzerland...

  • Deano the beano (3 days ago)

    +blAxFilms Cool! like half my fam lives there!

  • blAxFilms (3 days ago)

    Im from Switzerland

  • Sevol_Mpem12 (6 days ago)


  • SleepingDragons (8 hours ago)

    +Ashley Frost thats the point. Link claimed that he still didn't really like them but he just ate them fine.

  • deprofundis (2 days ago)

    +Ashley Frost Yeah that was the implication of the comment...