What's inside a Tesla Surfboard?



  • LucasToyChest
    LucasToyChest 6 months ago+4146

    Do you have to recharge it?

  • Taikamuna
    Taikamuna 6 months ago+3633

    That Tesla logo is literally the only thing that makes this expensive

  • poonis
    poonis 6 months ago+770

    Isn’t Elon supposed to be hosting meme review??
    Update: He hosted meme review!!! OH YEAH YEAH

    REBIRTHED ? 6 months ago+82

    6:27 who else saw the face in the corner

  • Charco Travels
    Charco Travels 6 months ago+23

    You're an enormous kook.

  • Jon Jon Giang
    Jon Jon Giang 6 months ago+73

    you have angered the surfing community worldwide

  • Youmuus
    Youmuus 6 months ago+1254

    so its just a normal surfboard

  • psycho naut
    psycho naut 6 months ago+90

    you should get someone who can actually surf

  • Frederic Tyson
    Frederic Tyson 6 months ago+147

    Tesla: Build limited run of 200. Special edition $1500.
    These guys: let's break it

  • YourAverageAppollo Blox
    YourAverageAppollo Blox 2 months ago+23

    What's inside dad: Oh yes this surfboard is very rare and is only 200 ever made
    LeTs SpLiT iT In HaLf

  • koljanos
    koljanos 6 months ago+190

    DUH, there is foam inside. Nice wasted money

  • Repture 6242
    Repture 6242 6 months ago+551

    Elon Musk left the chat

  • Elroy [PUBG MOBILE]
    Elroy [PUBG MOBILE] 6 months ago+117

    How to get riped of $3000 for that

  • Jaden Webb
    Jaden Webb 6 months ago+35

    Those waves are way too small for that board.

  • Albino Chewie
    Albino Chewie 6 months ago+121

    Who would have thought a surfboard had foam in it 🤔

  • Axxel720
    Axxel720 6 months ago+7

    "what are you doing to my surfboard"
    4 mins later
    breaks it on purpose

  • Mike Nation
    Mike Nation 6 months ago+313

    Now its 199 surfboards

  • Donut 7
    Donut 7 6 months ago+6

    That guy is such a kook surfing

  • Cole Fairfield
    Cole Fairfield 6 months ago+76

    skip to 7:11 your welcome

  • KFJ Productions
    KFJ Productions 5 months ago+3

    Gets mad about scratching it: BREAKS IN HALF