Why Tobey Maguire Will Always Be the Best Spider-Man

  • Published on:  1/10/2019
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  • Dorkly 5 months ago

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  • BLITHE 9 hours ago

    @Drago Dragneel nah tom Holland is the worst he's a horrible Peter parker and over silly spiderman character and he's not American which is unrepeatable to an American comic, whereas Tobey is which makes it easier. That's just your opinion which is ridiculous and you say it if it were a fact. Holland tries so hard to be funny like kevin hart, while Tobey has natural wit. Besides Tobeys blue eyes matches his costume unlike either 2

  • Rahul Sar 19 days ago

    Well there are more points why Tobey's Spiderman is the best Spiderman1. He is actually independent Superhero. Tom's Spiderman had to reply stark for the suit or his best tech friend for unlocking the full capabilities of his suit. Even his own suit is not much. His own suit was the first gen suit that Spiderman used during cage/street fights. While Tobey's Spiderman uses one suit that is the classic red and blue suit which was made on his own. Also that Spiderman didn't actually had to depend upon an...

  • Vishrut Upadhyay 4 months ago

    No one has come close to Tobey. They probably never will

  • The Higginator 2 days ago

    @Abraham Cardenas Nah he doesn't there equals in my opinion

  • Abraham Cardenas 3 days ago

    @Vishrut Upadhyay no he is not

  • Mr Blue 16 days ago

    Tobey macguire could be old and fat I'd still want him as Spiderman and James Franco as green goblin

  • Mr Blue 2 days ago


  • F 2 days ago

    I miss Dafoe original Green Goblin. He was perfect for the role. Harry is dead at the end of the third movie so It's impossible to see him In a new one. At this point I think that a new, plausible goblin villain can be Hobgoblin.

  • Sy.yyann 2 months ago

    When someone says Spider-Man I don’t think of anyone else BUT Tobey Maguire. He is just a classic and took up a great part of my childhood

  • Flying Cat 2 days ago

    @Shadowphantom66 Lol, tf? Homecoming looks like a fan film lmfao 😂😂💀💀

  • Andy Flint 3 days ago

    @Shadowphantom66 yes the new movies are stunning and indeed tom Holland is probably the best spideramn/Peter Parker out there but Time will pass and even he will be replaced but let us not forget where it all began where the foundation of all this spiderman glory we have now bask in let us not forget....

  • Jesus Morales 2 months ago

    I'm so happy this video has nothing but good comments about Tobey Tobey > Everyother Spiderman

  • M Hjalmers 2 months ago

    I think Tobey personified that role perfectly, the other ones seem too confident and without his depth and level of conciousness IMO.

  • Gnarlyygaming 13 days ago

    Agreed, you explained it perfectly

  • Madara Uchiha 18 days ago

    Couldn’t agree more..👍🏻

  • TheMdub27 5 months ago

    Peter Parker's life sucks yet he still chooses to be spider-man that's what raimy captured

  • samad 14 days ago

    @curly headed there have been many adaptations of spider-man being an adult like the ps4 game. There is nothing wrong with him being an adult. In fact i prefer him being an adult but still needs to have the humor.

  • Lucas DM 18 days ago

    That's true, that's damn true.

  • Dewa Kawauchi 2 months ago

    *MCU spiderman* : Easy mode compared to Raimi*Amazing spiderman* : Too much love story*Sony Animation spiderman* : One of the best spidey movie ever*But Raimi's Spider-man* : Lone wolf, soulful, deep bonds, can learn as a better human and so much moreOverall an iconic legend

  • Yik Jie Nai 22 days ago

    This comment wins

  • Dante Ryu 22 days ago

    @Moaz Eladly after watch EndGame, I found that Instant Kill function as Bullshit!!!

  • Yusuf 15 days ago


  • Uvuvwevwevwe Osas 24 days ago

    I always argued that Train Scene from Spiderman 2 is the most iconic superhero scene ever. IMO it will always be.

  • Abraham Cardenas 3 days ago

    Um........ No

  • Uvuvwevwevwe Osas 12 days ago

    @Meme Review800 My name Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas. I am kenya