Why Tobey Maguire Will Always Be the Best Spider-Man

  • Published on:  1/10/2019
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  • Dorkly
    Dorkly  11 days ago+156

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  • Sean Mills
    Sean Mills 9 minutes ago

    Rami’s films helped paved the way for the MCU to be given a serious chance. Spider man is one of the greatest comic heroes to be given a live action rendition. You see him in his suit thwipping around enormous NYC and you can’t help but want to be him. You wish it was you. Another thing that Rami’s films captures was excellent actions scenes/spidey overcoming incredible physical challenges including his train stopping face/the actual endeavor, but also every physical battle he encountered no matter how cringy the villain was (topher grace as eddie brock). I absolutely love the MCU Holland version, despite the depth there is that is missing, but Rami’s Parker/spidey really helped capture the struggle there is that is Parker and spidey both. Plus seeing him live in action was incredibly entertaining. Andrew Garfield was too ‘cool’ and cried every scene he was in unmasked.

  • Ghiyãth Klink
    Ghiyãth Klink 59 minutes ago

    Nah.. Tobey Maguire's Spider-man wasn't cocky enough, there wasn't enough contrast between Peter Parker and Spiderman. Garfield's has this same problem, where his Peter was too confident.

  • Carter Phu
    Carter Phu 2 hours ago


  • Justin Morgan
    Justin Morgan 2 hours ago


  • Wall Fork
    Wall Fork 3 hours ago

    I think your points are gonna be directly addressed by the next movie

  • Wall Fork
    Wall Fork 3 hours ago

    Yuri god damn Lowenthal.

  • Xoja Mula
    Xoja Mula 3 hours ago

    Great video

  • Matthew 1984
    Matthew 1984 4 hours ago

    So basically you liked "Spider-man" having real life issues and nothing to do with the shit acting Toby Maguire.....annnd the fact that you just didn't get to see Tom Hollands spider man on screen UNTIL Tony Stark comes into the picture?
    clickbait and full of shit review.

  • Azmi Redy Pradana
    Azmi Redy Pradana 4 hours ago+1

    2.4K dislikes are from *poor fanboy morons* with shallow thought

  • Chetan Gupta
    Chetan Gupta 4 hours ago

    In my view, if one thinks/says/imagines Spiderman and the "that" performing Artist comes in mind - we can say Hero and Artist became entangled to one another e.g- Neo (Keanu Reeves), Dark Knight, aka, Batman (Christian Bale) etc., however, the director & casting associate also plays a vital role in it. No doubt Tobey Maguire will be the best and only Spiderman who has justified the character (hero) and fits perfectly in it. And it's not only Tobey Maguire, but all the characters in Spiderman also fit perfectly to the role. Thanks to Sam Raimi who made the hero larger than life. I hope & wish both will collaborate once more in the future and give an another gargantuan Spiderman title.

  • Hodey FU
    Hodey FU 4 hours ago

    Just from your title I'll say no.

  • suarezguy
    suarezguy 4 hours ago

    Tom Holland's Spider-Man seems like, for the most part, he's in it for the glory-which is a terrible depiction of the character.

  • CyclicAtom33
    CyclicAtom33 4 hours ago

    Ah, three movies I never care to sit through again. I'd rather revisit the live-action tv series.
    Toby was whiney, he was stiff/had no charisma and he sucked big time when it came to the humor/quipping aspect of the character.
    You have very low spider-standards 😂

  • Edward Lewis
    Edward Lewis 4 hours ago

    Being in a crapy situation isn't a character trade it's not what makes a character. Spider man's gift was a bird because there weren't any other superheroes that could share that burden with him in so he took upon all the responsibility of being a hero while in the actual Marvel universe you have X-Men Avengers guardians ect. To share the responsibility of saving people. Spiderman is able to fail without everything falling apart. And sure that may take away from his struggle but it should not be the end all be all on who your character is.

  • Psych0t1c An0m4ly
    Psych0t1c An0m4ly 5 hours ago

    I dont agree on this. I think Holland makes an amazing Spidey, and even a bit better then Toby

  • Chinstrap 91
    Chinstrap 91 5 hours ago

    27 year old checking in here. Toby was so far from what I thought Spider-Man was in the comics it blows my mind.

  • Lars Chue
    Lars Chue 6 hours ago

    Western Women and modern feminism = All Power No Responsibility.

  • ravensblm
    ravensblm 6 hours ago

    Just from this title itself made me think you're out of your goddamn mind I think he's fucking better I'm not even going to watch a video I'm going to dislike it and block you if you retarded ass you can't have a 30 year old man playing a teenager like Tobey Maguire did

  • TwiceThePraise
    TwiceThePraise 7 hours ago

    I don’t think y’all understand, MCU spiderman is a teenager. We’re not in the life crisis stage in life. He gave up proving Flash Thompson wrong where all he had to do is show up to the party in homecoming. Or skipping a his date at the homecoming. These may not seem life devastating to adults but as teenagers these are important/good memories growing up that you cant get back. As he gets older he’ll get more hardship choices. I’m just saying giving it time