Are weekly animations back?

  • Published on:  11/7/2018
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  • Ingmar Elfsborg
    Ingmar Elfsborg 9 months ago+579

    Glad they're back, Jimmy Williams is really improving everything

  • oh no.
    oh no. 9 months ago+389


  • Amir. R
    Amir. R 9 months ago+303

    weekly animations? breaking news: suicide rates drops to 0

  • Noah George
    Noah George 9 months ago+40

    The next animation needs to be 8.8 million people nutting simultaneously.

  • kremit
    kremit 9 months ago+101

    Well I sure hope so, otherwise I might eat some cyanide

  • Felix SR
    Felix SR 9 months ago+21

    We got videos that arent even videos

  • Slav -1
    Slav -1 9 months ago+19

    Wow this animation looks so real

  • Aravind S
    Aravind S 9 months ago+10

    Feels bad that I can't support you guys monetarily, but am so stoked to see the shorts back! Keep doing what you guys do, it's swell!

  • Joseph Mendoza
    Joseph Mendoza 9 months ago+10


  • Droolius Caesar
    Droolius Caesar 9 months ago+4

    You honestly have some love and respect for these guys, animations hard, and they put out quality quite often compared to other animation channels who barely post

  • J D
    J D 9 months ago+4

    Can we get more of that news reporter series

  • Jamal
    Jamal 9 months ago

    CLAP CLAP BONUS MEM- oops wrong channel

  • J M
    J M 9 months ago

    THANK YOUUU! <3 They were always nice to look forward to. :)

  • onedeadsaint
    onedeadsaint 9 months ago+1

    probably should still use patreon because I'm almost sure they get a bigger cut of the subscription

  • LazärheaD
    LazärheaD 9 months ago

    Hell yeah, thank you, patrons!

  • MotherEric
    MotherEric 9 months ago

    Quality over quantity IMO, keep up the good work anyways though!

  • Wyatt Kajortoq
    Wyatt Kajortoq 9 months ago

    34 views 54 likes.
    Youtube that doesn't look right.

  • Joseph Mottram
    Joseph Mottram 9 months ago

    Weekly Animations?
    That's news to me...

  • rainbow noob
    rainbow noob 9 months ago+1

    Slap that like button in the BUTT!!! 😂

  • JohnnyMcJim
    JohnnyMcJim 9 months ago

    ^my face