A Muppet Family Christmas - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on:  12/13/2017
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    Muppets, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock all in one special? It's a Christmas Weird-acle! Nostalgia Critic looks at the holiday spectacle to see if it still holds up.

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    A Muppet Family Christmas is a Christmas television special starring Jim Henson's Muppets. Shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the special was first broadcast on December 16, 1987, on ABC.

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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  9 months ago+390

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  • redskeletonart2
    redskeletonart2 2 days ago

    Sprocket has the cutest “awoo”

  • Alphasnowbordergirl

    You know its pretty dark that Swedish chef was going to kill big bird and feed him to his friends.

  • Derek Stronf
    Derek Stronf 7 days ago

    The most Ambitious crossover. There, I did it before anyone else did

  • Alexander Kim
    Alexander Kim 10 days ago+1

    10:34 IKEA’S NUTSACK! Ingmar Bergman Volvo Moose Meat!
    It’s especially funny to me because I’m Swedish too.

  • Spottedfeather
    Spottedfeather 14 days ago

    Um....Doug ? Muppet Family Christmas IS on dvd. Yeah, it has a lot of parts cut out, but it exists.

  • Tiberius Cerelius Tigris

    You know what they say boys, People that live in glass houses... S-s-s-ssink ships! FUCK. ASS.

  • Moomoo Incorporated
    Moomoo Incorporated 16 days ago

    actually it's tom

  • Robert Kinler
    Robert Kinler 17 days ago

    when did it come out on DVD? I have a copy of it on dvd.

  • James Schrader
    James Schrader 19 days ago

    Review the Happy Time Murders!

  • The Shy Art Girl
    The Shy Art Girl 19 days ago

    It's on YouTube for free sooooo

  • The Shy Art Girl
    The Shy Art Girl 19 days ago


  • Stone_miner 1225
    Stone_miner 1225 25 days ago+1

    Dude dark crystal was the best

  • Gaara222333
    Gaara222333 29 days ago

    This was released on dvd I own it

  • DemonAnimeGeek
    DemonAnimeGeek 1 months ago+1

    I'm missing Christmas

  • Darkman Studios
    Darkman Studios 1 months ago

    5:49 Maybe Swedish Chef is part Chinese.

  • Ash Wolf The VA
    Ash Wolf The VA 1 months ago+1

    If you don't know this special...... you have no childhood Christmas. My parents play this every year around Christmas. It is most likely they'll play it again this Christmas. But GDI DO I LOVE THIS SPECIAL!

  • Mallard Duck
    Mallard Duck 1 months ago

    I have seen this

  • get shocked
    get shocked 1 months ago

    You forgot Dustin the Turkey

  • Epic JJ01
    Epic JJ01 1 months ago

    I like how thunder comes when sven see big bird but its snowing did turn to hail melt to water and thunder and back to snow wow just wow