Hurricane Florence strengthens to Category 4, targets Carolinas

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • Meteorologist Ashley Batey is tracking Florence as it strengthens in the Atlantic. The hurricane is expected to slam into the East Coast near the Carolinas as a Category 3 or 4 storm.
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  • Memetastic (Sep 11, 2018)

    *You're in the storm, RUN!*sorry

  • MaddieTheUniGirl_ YT (Sep 13, 2018)

    Staz_KorraGG You too It’s coming to me tonight

  • I am bored (Sep 13, 2018)

    +Carmen Gonzales global warming is an serious problem you can't just brush it off as some entity punishing us.

  • Victoria Smith (Sep 11, 2018)

    *i live in South Carolina and literally I passed a party in my neighborhood earlier with a sign outside that said, "hurricane party, 6:00pm"*Ya gotta love those South Carolinians

  • TAMS R (Sep 13, 2018)

    Prayers for all. 🙏

  • Victoria Smith (Sep 11, 2018)

    Me: I can't wait to celebrate my birthda-Florence: NOT TODAY

  • karis mccann (Sep 15, 2018)

    Victoria Smith same my birthday is today and sister florence is coming today. love that for us

  • Gardner (Sep 11, 2018)

    People: Can we have cold weather?Mother Nature: U want a Hurricane?People: No, cold wea-Mother Nature: Ok category 4

  • Susan P. Davis (Sep 15, 2018)

    Previous month I managed to gather my first five figure wage ever!!! I've been working for this company over the web for twenty four months now and I never been happier... They are paying me $95 per hour, and the most important thing about that is that I am not really that tech-savvy, they just required basic idea of internet and simple typing skill...Superb thing about this is that now I have more time to spend with my family. I am able to commit quality time with my friends and family and take care o...

  • Massa (Sep 14, 2018)

    No such thing as a mother nature

  • Afro Sage (Sep 11, 2018)

    Cover your houses in Flex Tape to remain completely dry.

  • deez nuts (Sep 14, 2018)

    Afro Sage lol

  • Ammon Janey (Sep 13, 2018)

    The sad thing is I actually did that. But with flex seal

  • ChillYourMind (Sep 11, 2018)

    Stay safe my US friends 🙏

  • Queen perez (Sep 13, 2018)

    +crookback nothing is going help or work he just wanted us to stay safe

  • JordanStarYT 670 (Sep 13, 2018)

    +Max4Million its called UK

  • Evan _3017 (Sep 11, 2018)

    All the 10 years olds be like: "Um Mom, do we have any medkits?"

  • Barely (Sep 12, 2018)

    That shit would be like a 10 tick storm good luck need kitting

  • memesking (Sep 12, 2018)

    Evan _3017 12 year olds* 10 year olds is not sweet enough. Step it up

  • Jack (Sep 11, 2018)

    *School gets cancelled*Thank God this hurricane is hitting us *as water pours into my room*

  • Brindle Chihuahua (Sep 13, 2018)

    Jack it might hit Massachusetts oh shit i live there

  • The One True Eggroll (Sep 12, 2018)


  • FeelShreksLove (Sep 11, 2018)

    People in Florida be like "meh, its only a cat 4."

  • Stephen Murphy (Sep 12, 2018)

    +Jose Soto No it's not a thing....people who are out'a touch will be like using it.

  • I love you Shrek be my daddy

  • Angel Guerra (Sep 12, 2018)

    Stay safe people from SC, NC, VA, if you are told to evacuate please listen.Hugs and prayers from Monterrey, Mexico.

  • Mista_Otta (Sep 26, 2018)

    Too late...

  • Team Marshall (Sep 14, 2018)

    Not always my friend evacuated from Florida during Irma only to have her son killed during the trip.