Father-Son Kamehameha Song | Team Four Star (TFS)



  • Spottsswood 9 months ago

    No but seriously, I demand an EAT THAT HORSE shirt. Make it happen.

  • Anna E 4 days ago

    You guys know that they do a a shirt for that right? They’ve even got two, one with a full quote and one with a horse with a bite missing

  • Goku Black2008 1 months ago

    You're not the only who what's that kind of shirt...

  • EmperorZarikar 9 months ago

    Fans: "Why didn't you use Gohan's Anger for the SSJ2 transformation?"TFS: "We have... *other plans* for it."

  • Stefan Veenstra 5 days ago

    The simplicity of Gohans Anger works well with his loss of sanity right after the transformation. It also compliments the bare anger at himself during the scene TFS used it in. There's no such thing as a good or bad song.

  • Chris H 2 months ago

    Honestly? The theme doesn't really fit the transformation itself. His entire fight from there until Goku sacrifices himself though? It fits really well. It's chaotic. It's aggressive. It is a little unhinged. It fits Gohan's mood post transformation. He's not fighting to defeat some evil at that point (which is kind of the theme with the translated jp lyrics). He's just playing with Cell (as TFS hilariously plays up) the way a kid might "play" with a butterfly. Seeing how far he can break him...

  • Lumiose Trainer Zac 9 months ago

    I hear:- DB Piccolo Theme- Day of Fate (SSJ2 Gohan Jap theme)- Faulconer Gohan Theme- Faulconer Perfect Cell Theme*PERFECTION*

  • MaskedChaos 2 months ago

    You *may* want to rephrase that, jap is a racist term

  • Christos Symeonidis 3 months ago

    Perfection + Perfection just makes Perfection

  • Timothy McLean 9 months ago

    See, Nail? It's not like the makankosappo at all!

  • yippy 740 yesterday

    @nickski007 Nail Gun

  • Niconiv 4 months ago

    The Father-Son Makankopotamus

  • Mswordx23 9 months ago

    If DBZ Abridged ended here, I would have been satisfied. What a damn conclusion. But no, they're doing a season 4. TFS are gods among men.

  • David McMenamin 16 days ago

    Robert Archer just saying the way YouTube is going the channel might get nuked

  • Robert Archer 16 days ago

    @David McMenamin So what? Worth the wait if you ask me

  • Lyrunio 9 months ago

    "Now plant your feet, grit your teeth, and *eat* *that* *horse!* "

  • Adam Beardy 2 months ago

    Ka me ha me ha!!!

  • Alan Dutcher 2 months ago

    @Sir Jazz GOHAN

  • TheLoadingCrew 9 months ago

    gokus silhouette looks like he's got two dongs hangin there...just saiyan...

  • The Wooden Bear 13 days ago

    Thanks to you i cant unsee it

  • Gus Windsor 15 days ago

    When you reply to Zeno sama with "Oh hell yeah dude..." , it is really surprising he has 2 dongs

  • travis illerbrun 9 months ago

    “Gohan I want to tell you that if you don’t do this, piccolo is gonna die. Your mom���s gonna die, everyone is gonna die. But before all that if you don’t do this your gonna die. And your better than that, your better than him, better than me. See I’m no were near that strong, yet. Your more than my son. You are son gohan! Now plant your feet, grit your teeth, and eat that horse!”

  • Xerri animations 4 days ago

    Goku: your better than me (for now)

  • I read it with his voice xD

  • Dinova 9 months ago

    Watching this, I had such an emotional moment when "Gohan Angers" kicked in. I know Kaiser isn't the biggest fan of Faulconer's score, but it means alot that it was included. For me, and many fans that grew up with the dub, that song defined that moment and made a huge connection. It shows alot of respect for your fans that you recognized that and put it in, so thank you!!

  • Parallax 22 days ago

    Kaiser Permanente

  • I Control My Fate 9 months ago

    MsDinova agreed

  • Ozpin 9 months ago

    I'm so damned happy Kaiser and Cliff put in "Gohan's Anger" as part of this arrangement, because it shows a level of respect to the fans even if if Kaiser has some pretty 'meh' feelings about the Faulconer soundtrack.A lot of people who watched and loved DBZ when it was playing on Toonami years ago never had the chance to (and still haven't) seen the original Japanese version so they're unfamiliar with its music. To people who fell in love with the series this way, Bruce Faulconer's score w...

  • Penny Serrato 1 months ago

    Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

  • Brandon Smith 1 months ago

    Brenden Byrne So now when you respect the original material of something you’re a weeb? You’re aware that by definition he isn’t. You should learn to have respect chief because without that “Filthy weeb shit” Db wouldn’t exist.